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Plantar fasciitis is one of the most common foot-related injuries amongst athletes in Frisco. And it isn’t something you’ll be able to ignore, as it can send a sharp pain through your foot when it flares up. If you have plantar fasciitis, you may notice that nothing short of sitting down can ease your pain. Walking, running and even…(more)

If you’re one of the many Frisco area men and women who exercise frequently and lead a healthy lifestyle, you know there’s nothing much more frustrating than suffering from an injury that leaves you on the sidelines and unable to do your regular workout routine. Plantar fasciitis is one of those injuries that is most common in runners and…(more)

Bunions aren’t an ailment that just pops up overnight. They develop slowly over time and can be the product of poor shoewear choices early in life. While we know those perfect high heels make the right statement in your 20s; they may actually lead to long-term foot problems later in life. So, what is a bunion? A bunion is…(more)

Gout is one of those ailments you hear a lot about as you age. It is a very common form of arthritis, and it’s not picky about who it attacks. Gout is characterized by sudden, severe attacks of pain, swelling, redness, and tenderness in the affected joints and it most often attacks the big toe joint. Gout will often…(more)

Frisco is full of men and women who lead healthy lives through diet and exercise. Our area is full of fun things to do, indoors and out. So, if you have recently suffered a stress fracture in your foot, we know how important it is for you to get back to your normal exercise routine as quickly as possible….(more)

When it comes to pain in the feet or ankles, there cannot be a solution that comes too soon. After all, your feet carry you around Frisco all day and get you from Point A to Point B. When they are in pain, your entire body (and day) is affected. It’s no different for Frisco residents who suffer from…(more)

When athletes suffer a foot injury, such as stress fracture or plantar fasciitis, it can be life-changing – even if it’s just for a couple of weeks or months. Sitting on the sidelines is not what got you where you are, and it can be devastating for athletes to have to take time off because of a sport-related injury….(more)

For people who have to deal with bunions, one of the biggest reasons they visit Dr. Verville is to find out how they can make them stop hurting. A bunion is a soft tissue deformity of the foot that can cause pain. When Frisco residents suffer from severe bunions, surgery may be required, but most often Dr. Verville can…(more)

The million dollar question every Frisco patient with plantar fasciitis asks is how they can get back to normal quickly. The truth is plantar fasciitis should go away on its own, but the length of time it takes for the feet to feel normal depends on the individual. Most people aren’t physically able to do intense exercising like they…(more)

People in Frisco who experience discomfort in the heel area of their foot, and possibly even in the arch of their foot, may have plantar fasciitis. This condition is very common and affects many people, no matter how little or how much physical activity they do. Most of the time people with plantar fasciitis can’t pinpoint any particular activity…(more)