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Have you ever sprained your ankle? If you have, unfortunately, you’ve increased your chances of an ankle sprain happening to you again. The recurrence rate is at least 30 percent, but may be as high as 80 percent depending on what numbers you look at. About half of recurrent ankle sprains result in chronic pain or disability, so preventing…(more)

Ankle sprains are inconvenient. They prevent you from playing your favorite sports, doing your daily workout, and even make it tough to do your regular errands around Frisco. Many times, after Dr. Verville treats a patient with an ankle sprain, one of the first questions the person asks is, “Okay, so when will I be able to get back…(more)

You sprained your ankle years—even decades ago—but recently, you’ve been experiencing pain and stiffness in that area again. You are positive that it’s not another sprain or injury, but you’re not sure what’s going on. A friend in Frisco mentioned that you might have arthritis caused by your previous ankle sprain, but is that even possible? Unfortunately, it is…(more)

Few things are worse than the moment you feel your ankle roll out from under you and it makes that telltale popping sound. You know what just happened—you sprained your ankle—but what are you supposed to do next? What you do immediately following an ankle sprain can have a direct effect on your recovery time, pain levels, and how…(more)

You schedule regular check-ups for your child at his or her pediatrician, dentist, and optometrist—but like many Frisco parents, you probably fail to book time with a foot doctor. There’s a misconception that foot doctor are only necessary when a foot condition or injury presents itself. The truth is that as soon as your child can walk without assistance,…(more)

Close your eyes and picture a toddler walking—how are their feet positioned? If you’re like most people, you probably visualized their tiny feet pointed slightly inward. In-toeing, or being “pigeon-toed,” is extremely common in small children. Usually, over time, the feet straighten themselves out, and parents have nothing to worry about. But what happens if the in-toeing doesn’t correct…(more)

Dr. Verville meets many different parents in Frisco, and a common concern echoed by most moms and dads is wondering whether they should be worried about their child’s flat feet (also known as flatfoot). Don’t panic if your son or daughter has flat feet—almost all babies are born without that visible arch. Babies have a fat pad on the…(more)

Shoe shopping for kids is always an adventure. When they’re younger, they beg for shoes featuring favorite cartoon characters or those that light up while they walk. As they get older, it’s more about what’s “cool” and what all the other kids are wearing. However, no matter the age, it’s almost guaranteed that no child is thinking about how…(more)

According to Frisco podiatrist Dr. Verville of RNV Podiatry, it’s always important to take good care of your feet to prevent injury, pain, swelling and related conditions. But if you’re a diabetic, it’s more important than ever for you to take excellent care of your feet. As your podiatrist may have already warned you, diabetics are at an increased…(more)

Many of us have experienced a minor ankle sprain at one point or another, so it’s easy to dismiss this injury as something that doesn’t require a doctor’s intervention. But as Little Elm podiatrist Dr. Verville warns, an ankle sprain may seem minor, but turn into something more serious. Often, Dr. Verville doesn’t see Little Elm patients with an…(more)