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Many of us have experienced a minor ankle sprain at one point or another, so it’s easy to dismiss this injury as something that doesn’t require a doctor’s intervention. But as Little Elm podiatrist Dr. Verville warns, an ankle sprain may seem minor, but turn into something more serious. Often, Dr. Verville doesn’t see Little Elm patients with an…(more)

For being such a relatively small part of your body, your feet can certainly experience a lot of ailments. Pain, swelling and poor circulation can all affect your feet, causing you discomfort, difficulty walking or leading to worsening conditions. But what causes these issues in the feet, and how does a foot doctor like Frisco Dr. Verville of RNV…(more)

The Achilles tendon, which runs from your calf muscles to your heels, is one of the longest tendons in the body. It’s no wonder that it’s prone to injuries! Many Frisco patients see Dr. Verville for Achilles tendon pain and injuries every year. But, what causes these injuries in the first place? And is there anything you can do…(more)

Hammertoe is a toe deformity that typically affects the second, third, fourth and fifth toes. With hammertoe, the second joint of the toe sticks up in an unnatural position, causing the toe to look like a hammer or a claw. Hammertoe can cause pain, soreness, inflammation, redness, burning sensations and numbness in your foot and toes. It can also…(more)

Every year, several Frisco area patients see foot doctor Dr. Verville for foot and ankle pain. While most people have questions about how foot and ankle pain develop, the answer is that it varies. Some foot pain is caused by overuse, some by injury, some by related diseases and still others by genetics. The truth is that an experienced…(more)

Every year, many Frisco patients see Dr. Verville of RNV Podiatry for hammertoes. Hammertoes are a toe deformity that can be caused by a host of genetic or environmental conditions. With hammertoes, which typically affects the second, third, fourth or fifth toes, there is a bend at the second joint of your toe, making your toe appear like a…(more)

Some people say that age is nothing but a number, but that just isn’t the case when it comes to your foot health. As you enter your 40’s, you may experience a number of foot issues that may lead you to see a Frisco area foot doctor. Read on to learn about some of the common foot problems that…(more)

The “Achilles heel” is a common term for a weakness, and it’s no wonder since the Achilles tendon itself can be so easily damaged. This tendon – one of the largest ones in the body – stretches from your calf muscles to your heel. Achilles tendinopathy, formerly called Achilles tendinitis, occurs when over time repeated damage to the Achilles’…(more)

Many Frisco patients put their foot health on the back burner. If their feet hurt, they dismiss it or just try to grin and bear the pain. But foot health is important, and treating foot pain or irritation can greatly improve your quality of life, prevent other injuries and even avoid the need for surgery! Read on for 10…(more)

Every Frisco athlete with a sprained ankle has one question in mind, “How much longer until I can play again?” Unfortunately, there’s no easy answer.  In fact, the answer commonly is, “It depends.” About Sprained Ankles A sprained ankle is when the ligaments surrounding the ankle bones are stretched or torn, often from playing sports, landing awkwardly on one’s…(more)