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Running is one of the most popular sports in the United States and throughout the world. According to Statista.com, more than 64 million Americans went running or jogging in 2016. That’s a whole lot of runners! Even more incredible is that on average there are over 30 thousand organized, competitive running events that occur in the United States every…(more)

If you’re a Frisco area resident with foot pain or another foot related condition, you may think that since Dr. Verville is a sports foot doctor, she only treats athletes. Think again! With over a decade’s worth of professional experience and as a podiatrist who is an active member of the American Association of Women Podiatrists, American Academy of…(more)

Nobody likes the idea of a broken bone. Not only do they hurt, but they can also limit your mobility. And with nearly 25% of your bones located in your foot, a stress fracture in your foot can make it painful or downright impossible for you to walk! Who wants that? Knowledge is power when it comes to preventing…(more)

If you are a Frisco area resident with a bunion, you likely want relief, and you want it now! We can’t blame you. Bunions, whether caused by genetics or environmental factors, can be an extremely painful condition. As Dr. Verville explains below, there are a variety of bunion treatment options that can be employed to treat your bunion, depending…(more)

If you’re an athlete of any kind, then you know the importance of having an overall healthy body to perform your chosen sport at your optimal level. But, regardless of your chosen sport or sports, how often have you thought of the importance of visiting a sports foot doctor? As a podiatrist in the Frisco area who has treated…(more)

Your feet not only support the weight of your entire body, but they also have nearly 25% of your body’s bones in them. No wonder proper care of your feet and ankles is so important! Many Frisco residents are at high risk for developing a stress fracture in the foot, either due to their athleticism and high activity level,…(more)

Any kind of pain in your foot should be cause for immediate concern. As the foundation of your whole skeletal structure, any discomfort you feel will likely cause you to compensate in some way. This can result in future problems in the rest of your body from your knees and hips, all the way up to your back. In…(more)

Any time there is swelling in parts of the body it means you should pay attention. Of course, your feet and ankles can swell after a long day of walking or standing. But if the swelling in your feet happens consistently at the same time of day or if it is constant, it could be time to see your…(more)

Whether it’s rolling your ankle playing sports or even just twisting it stepping down some stairs, one of the most painful injuries that we treat is an ankle sprain. Frisco patients should take extreme care with a sprained ankle. It is an injury that is often not taken seriously. However, an untreated sprain can cause all sorts of future…(more)

Even though gout is one of the most painful forms of arthritis, many patients may not know what is causing the excruciating and often immobilizing pain they experience. Gout can be mistaken for a sprained ankle and it can sometimes even be misdiagnosed as cellulitis. In this blog post we’ll look at the unique symptoms and the cause of…(more)