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One of the most common injuries that we treat is an ankle sprain. Frisco patients usually want to know how long they’ll have to wait for their ankle to heal so they can get back on their feet. While this is a difficult question to answer without knowing the exact details of your specific case, there is a general…(more)

One of the worst things that any athlete or runner wants to hear is that they have a stress fracture. Frisco patients that love getting outside will often experience a stress fracture after prolonged periods of activity or when they try to push themselves further. One of the most difficult things for active people, when it comes to a…(more)

Your toes are comprised of very delicate, thin bones. When you stub your toe, if it gets stepped on, or if you drop something on it the pain can be intense. But how can you tell the difference between just a stubbed toe and one that is actually broken and needs to be looked at by a foot doctor?…(more)

Even though high heels are declining in popularity, for many women they are still their “go to” shoe for formal occasions and work. But despite how fashionable stilettos are, to say that they aren’t very comfortable would be quite an understatement. Many women report pain, calluses, and other symptoms just from wearing pumps. Over the last decade, Dr. Verville…(more)

Gout is one of the most painful and, unfortunately, common issues that we see here at our clinic. It can come on suddenly and last for hours, days, and sometimes even weeks. Around 4% of Americans (8.3 million) suffer from gout and it is more common in men than in women. We wanted to take this blog post to…(more)

Running is one of the best ways to stay in shape and enjoy the outdoors. But if you’re a daily runner, you may have started to experience a few common foot injuries that may require the attention of a foot doctor. Frisco runners should also know that problems from running may not be isolated to the feet. The ankles…(more)

One of the most debilitating and emotionally discouraging conditions for our patients is gout. Frisco patients that suffer from gout are often immobilized for hours or even days because of the pain. Many have to use crutches to move around. Gout most commonly impacts the joints of the big toe but it is absolutely possible for gout to strike…(more)

People don’t tend to give much thought to the state of their Achilles tendon until an injury occurs. The Achilles tendon connects your calf muscle to your heel bone, so when it’s badly hurt, even the prospect of walking around Frisco can seem like an unimaginable task. But how can you be sure you’re suffering from some type of…(more)

An Achilles tendon injury, like tendonitis or a rupture, can knock you off your feet for a good long time. The Achilles tendon is the largest and strongest tendon in the human body, connecting the calf to the heel, so when it’s not in top shape, the effects are definitely felt. So, how can you prevent one of these…(more)

We’re used to certain aches and pains—the occasional headache, nausea, or the common cold. However, when that pain moves into the lower extremities like the calf, ankle, and foot, it’s not always an easy self-diagnosis. Even when you think you narrow the problem down to your Achilles tendon, it’s not always clear what the problem is until you see…(more)