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Frisco residents literally use their feet with every step they take. Given that fact, it’s actually pretty incredible that our feet don’t get injured more often than they do! However, some people are more likely than others to experience recurring foot injuries and seem to always be in their foot doctor’s office for yet another examination and diagnosis. Here…(more)

If you’ve been diagnosed by Frisco podiatrist Dr. Verville with plantar fasciitis, you may be wondering why the discomfort associated with the condition is worse in the morning. After all, you’d think a good night’s rest might be just what the doctor ordered, right? However, as many who are diagnosed with this condition know, the first few steps they take after getting out of bed are the hardest they take all day long. The reason, podiatrists believe, is because the plantar fascia ligament has been inactive all night long while you’ve been sleeping.

There’s really no one-size-fits-all recovery time period for rehabbing an injured ankle. Because sprains are categorized by degrees of the injury, you need to look for milestones that you’ve hit in your recovery journey to begin and to step up rehabbing exercises before you are fully healed from your ankle injury. Here’s a timeline of milestones you should aim for during your recovery process.

If you’ve been diagnosed with a sprained ankle by Frisco podiatrist Dr. Verville, she’ll likely prescribe you some rehab exercises to do. The exact start date of when you should begin exercising your injured ankle will depend on the degree of sprain your have. But generally speaking, the type of exercises you’ll need to do to get back into tip-top shape will be calf stretches, heel stretches, leg strengthening exercises, and balance exercises.

As podiatrist Dr. Verville tells her local patients, you always need to wear proper, supportive shoes to promote good foot health and to have a healthy Achilles tendon. When it comes to finding shoes that properly support the feet, the type of shoe typically falls into two categories: fitness and fashion. Here’s an overview of why wearing the right shoes both when playing sports and running, or having a fun night out on the town, is important to prevent a common foot injury, Achilles tendonitis.

Plantar fasciitis is a foot condition that occurs when tiny rips and tears are made in the plantar fascia ligament – which runs across the bottom of your foot – over time. Many Frisco residents with this condition know that the discomfort associated with this injury is often worse when they first step out of bed after a long night’s sleep. But some aren’t aware that standing on your feet for a long period of time – or walking for a long time period – can also make the discomfort worse, especially if you’re standing on a hard, unnatural surface.

Many Frisco residents who experience plantar fasciitis are ready, willing, and able to try any treatment option that local podiatrist, Dr. Verville of RNV Podiatry, prescribes. After all, not only is the condition uncomfortable – especially when you first step out of bed in the morning – if you’re an athlete, it can also take you away from your favorite sports activities. Nobody wants to be sidelined, so they’re usually all ears for any treatment option to heal the plantar fascia ligament.

As a Frisco sports foot doctor, Dr. Verville has worked with many local athletes. And she knows when it comes to sports, local athletes like to train hard and push the limits to be faster, more agile, or run longer distances. Unfortunately, sometimes these aspirations can leave athletes with an injury to the most important tendon in their body – the Achilles tendon.

Frisco residents shouldn’t think that just because they believe they have a sprained ankle, they should just wrap it, then grin and bear it. Anytime you believe you’ve injured your foot or ankle; you need a proper examination and diagnosis by a specialized podiatrist like Dr. Verville of RNV Podiatry. Without a professional’s diagnosis – and prescribed treatment plan…(more)

The Achilles tendon is the strongest tendon in our bodies. This tendon is what actually gives us the strength to walk. But because it’s used with every step we take, it can also be easily injured, making walking almost impossible. Achilles tendonitis is a condition in which the overuse of the Achilles tendon results in injury for Frisco area…(more)