Foot Surgery

We all know how easy it is to experience a sprain in your ankle or foot. Especially for children whose day typically includes some sort of running, jumping, and flying through the air. It’s eventual that they land wrong and suffer a sprain—or worse—a fracture. As a foot doctor, Dr. Verville understands how hard it can be to tell…(more)

Any time there is swelling in parts of the body it means you should pay attention. Of course, your feet and ankles can swell after a long day of walking or standing. But if the swelling in your feet happens consistently at the same time of day or if it is constant, it could be time to see your…(more)

After foot surgery, you’ll have a walking boot on your foot that will make even the simplest everyday activities a challenge. The boot will keep your foot in the right position as the bones and muscles knit together. One challenge that many of my Plano patients face after surgery is how to shower. Well, more like how to shower…(more)

Any surgery is challenging, especially if you’re not sure what to expect. As part of our plan for advanced patient care, we’ve put together five tips to help make your surgery as smooth as possible. Bring everything you need to the hospital: After foot surgery, you will need to spend time at the hospital and should bring all of…(more)

Frisco foot surgery patients often want to know more about their symptoms before their appointment with RNV Podiatry. Our website offers a wealth of information about typical foot- and ankle-related conditions, which we invite you to explore. Certain conditions are mild but cause enough discomfort to prompt treatment. Others may begin with subtle cues but become more serious and…(more)

One of the most common reasons Frisco foot surgery patients end up needing treatment is because of an injury or condition related to exercise. Maybe you’re a jogger who ruptured an Achilles tendon. Or, you might have fractured your ankle playing basketball. It’s also possible that you’ve developed uncomfortable bunions, calluses, or corns, and you need foot surgery before…(more)