Bunions aren’t an ailment that just pops up overnight. They develop slowly over time and can be the product of poor shoewear choices early in life. While we know those perfect high heels make the right statement in your 20s; they may actually lead to long-term foot problems later in life. So, what is a bunion? A bunion is…(more)

When it comes to pain in the feet or ankles, there cannot be a solution that comes too soon. After all, your feet carry you around Frisco all day and get you from Point A to Point B. When they are in pain, your entire body (and day) is affected. It’s no different for Frisco residents who suffer from…(more)

For people who have to deal with bunions, one of the biggest reasons they visit Dr. Verville is to find out how they can make them stop hurting. A bunion is a soft tissue deformity of the foot that can cause pain. When Frisco residents suffer from severe bunions, surgery may be required, but most often Dr. Verville can…(more)

Some bunions are caused by genetics. Other Frisco residents develop bunions because of environmental factors, such as wearing shoes that are too tight, too narrow in the toe area, have too high of a heal, or having arthritis or a foot injury that places too much stress on the front of the foot. Whatever the unique cause of your…(more)

A bunion is an often painful condition of the big toe that is caused either by genetic or environmental factors, such as frequently wearing high heels, arthritis, and injuries that put stress on the front of the foot. A bunion occurs when one of these causes results in your big toe leaning towards your second toe, instead of sticking…(more)

If you are a Frisco area resident with a bunion, you likely want relief, and you want it now! We can’t blame you. Bunions, whether caused by genetics or environmental factors, can be an extremely painful condition. As Dr. Verville explains below, there are a variety of bunion treatment options that can be employed to treat your bunion, depending…(more)