children laying on grass

The sound of little happy feet running through the house is something that every parent cherishes. But even kids’ feet need help sometimes too, and there are some common issues that they can develop. That’s why Dr. Verville loves when she gets the chance to work with children and why she is so proud to be a podiatrist for children. Frisco parents that are worried about their child’s feet and are looking for a gentle podiatrist with experience treating children should call Dr. Verville today at (214) 385-8822.

Dr. Verville has received extensive training from nationally recognized surgeons in orthopedic surgery at the Children’s Hospital of Michigan. She has also performed over 1,500 foot and ankle surgeries over the last 10 years. If you’re hoping to work with one of the most well-respected podiatrists in the state of Texas, then make sure you contact Dr. Verville today.

Common Foot and Ankle Ailments for Children

When people think about taking their kids to the doctor, they usually think of their pediatrician. It’s much less common for parents to have to take their kids to a podiatrist. Frisco parents are often shocked to learn that there are podiatrists that specialize in foot issues for kids. However, because children’s feet are still developing and growing, problems that occur at such a young age can have much larger consequences as they get older.

In fact, there are quite a few common problems that kids can run into when it comes to their feet, toes, and ankles.

Getting Treatment from a Children’s Podiatrist

Frisco parents are usually very interested in exactly how Dr. Verville will treat their child’s particular issue. Dr. Verville has always tried to correct her patient’s issues using the most conservative, non-invasive approach first–something that is unique to her as a podiatrist. Frisco parents love this aspect of her practice. While the exact method of treatment will obviously vary greatly depending on the ailment, we wanted to describe a few of the most common treatment methods that we use.

  • Custom orthotics – An “orthotic” is a medical device that is shaped to the patient’s body to change how the tissues, bones, and muscles develop. Orthotics can be created for a huge range of issues, and some orthotics can be worn at night. From shoe inserts and ankle braces to knee braces, Dr. Verville often prescribes orthotics for her patients.
  • Non-surgical methods – There are some other types of non-surgical methods that can correct childhood foot and ankle issues. For example, some problems can be corrected just by changing how a child sits on the ground.

One of the main things that parents should consider is that foot and ankle issues in childhood can have a very significant influence on how your child walks, runs, and moves around for the rest of their life. Getting treatment early is one of the best ways to not only correct the ailment quickly but also ensure that their bodies develop properly. Call our Frisco office today at (214) 385-8822 to get started.