As a parent, you know there is nothing more enjoyable than hearing the sounds of your child laughing and bouncing around the house on their happy feet. However, it’s not just adults that can develop foot and ankle problems – children can, too. And when this happens, you know how much it can affect the quality of your child’s life. 

That is why Dr. Verville finds it so fulfilling to work with children and to get their foot and ankle problems treated. She is proud to be one of the top children’s podiatrists in Frisco and understands how to help children struggling with foot and ankle problems find relief. 

If you are a parent looking for an experienced and gentle children’s podiatrist in Frisco, get in touch with Dr. Verville today by calling (214) 385-8822.

Meet Dr. Verville

Dr. Verville is a board-certified foot surgeon with an extensive education background featuring nationally-recognized organizations, including Des Moines University – College of Podiatric Medicine & Surgery and the Children’s Hospital of Michigan. She is one of the most well-respected podiatrists in the state of Texas and has performed over 1,500 elective and traumatic foot and ankle surgical procedures over the past decade.

Common Foot and Ankle Ailments for Children

As children’s feet are still growing and developing, problems that occur at a younger age can have much larger consequences as they get older. This is why it is crucial to visit an experienced podiatrist who can recognize common foot and ankle ailments in children and has the knowledge to treat them for effective relief. 

There are quite a few common problems that kids can run into when it comes to their feet, toes, and ankles. The most common Dr. Verville sees at her state-of-the-art practice in Frisco are:

Seeking Effective Treatment from a Children’s Podiatrist in Frisco

When treating a child’s foot or ankle problem, Dr. Verville always attempts to correct and treat the issue with the most conservative and non-invasive option available. This is what makes her a favorable choice for parents who do not want their children to undergo unnecessary surgery. 

Dr. Verville uses a few different treatment methods, and which is best for your child depends on the type of foot and ankle ailment they have. The most common methods used at RNV Podiatry include:

  • Custom Orthotics – An “orthotic” is a medical device that is shaped to the patient’s body to change how the tissues, bones, and muscles develop. Orthotics can be created to address a wide range of issues, and some orthotics can be worn at night. From shoe inserts and ankle braces to knee braces, Dr. Verville often prescribes orthotics for her patients, including children.
  • Non-Surgical Methods – There are some other types of non-surgical methods that can correct childhood foot and ankle issues. For example, some problems can be corrected just by changing how a child sits on the ground. Dr. Verville will discuss the most optimal non-surgical methods with you to determine which is best for your child.

Your Experienced Children’s Podiatrist in Frisco, Texas

When considering treatment for your child’s foot and ankle issue, it is important to understand that untreated problems may have a significant influence on how your child walks, runs, and moves throughout the rest of their life. 

Visiting an experienced children’s podiatrist and seeking early treatment is one of the best ways to not only correct the ailment quickly but also ensure that their bodies develop properly. Dr. Verville is here to help with effective treatment options. Call her Frisco office today at (214) 385-8822 to get started.