Plantar Fasciitis

Every year, many men and women visit Dr. Verville with significant pain in the bottom of one or both feet. This common pain, medically known as plantar fasciitis, is most often experienced by men and women in middle-age, or Frisco residents who work long hours on their feet or are very physically active. Plantar fasciitis is caused over time…(more)

For more than a decade, Dr. Verville of RNV Podiatry in Frisco has been providing her patients with high-quality care for problems associated with the feet and ankles. In fact, she has performed more than 1,500 elective and traumatic surgical foot and ankle procedures. She is known for her kind, relational bedside manner, and for providing results that change…(more)

At RNV Podiatry in Frisco, Dr. Verville works diligently to develop strong relationships with each and every that patient she sees—no matter the condition they’re suffering from. With more than 1,500 elective and traumatic foot and ankle surgeries performed throughout her career, Dr. Verville has developed a reputation as a trustworthy practitioner, providing life-changing results for the patients she…(more)

If you’ve been diagnosed by Frisco podiatrist Dr. Verville with plantar fasciitis, you may be wondering why the discomfort associated with the condition is worse in the morning. After all, you’d think a good night’s rest might be just what the doctor ordered, right? However, as many who are diagnosed with this condition know, the first few steps they take after getting out of bed are the hardest they take all day long. The reason, podiatrists believe, is because the plantar fascia ligament has been inactive all night long while you’ve been sleeping.

Plantar fasciitis is a foot condition that occurs when tiny rips and tears are made in the plantar fascia ligament – which runs across the bottom of your foot – over time. Many Frisco residents with this condition know that the discomfort associated with this injury is often worse when they first step out of bed after a long night’s sleep. But some aren’t aware that standing on your feet for a long period of time – or walking for a long time period – can also make the discomfort worse, especially if you’re standing on a hard, unnatural surface.

Many Frisco residents who experience plantar fasciitis are ready, willing, and able to try any treatment option that local podiatrist, Dr. Verville of RNV Podiatry, prescribes. After all, not only is the condition uncomfortable – especially when you first step out of bed in the morning – if you’re an athlete, it can also take you away from your favorite sports activities. Nobody wants to be sidelined, so they’re usually all ears for any treatment option to heal the plantar fascia ligament.

Many Frisco residents who suspect they’re experiencing plantar fasciitis – a foot condition that causes swelling and discomfort of the feet, especially when you first get out of bed in the morning – don’t realize that treatment from this condition mainly centers around physical therapy and at-home exercises.

One of the most common questions Dr. Verville receives from her patients who are experiencing plantar fasciitis is whether or not shoe inserts will help relieve their symptoms. But before we discuss shoe inserts and their effectiveness for plantar fasciitis, Dr. Verville wants her Frisco patients to know exactly what plantar fasciitis is and what causes it. Keep reading…(more)

Plantar fasciitis is one of the most common foot-related injuries among athletes in Frisco. And it isn’t something you’ll be able to ignore, as it can send a sharp pain through your foot when it flares up. If you have plantar fasciitis, you may notice that nothing short of sitting down can ease your pain. Walking, running and even…(more)

If you’re one of the many Frisco area men and women who exercise frequently and lead a healthy lifestyle, you know there’s nothing much more frustrating than suffering from an injury that leaves you on the sidelines and unable to do your regular workout routine. Plantar fasciitis is one of those injuries that is most common in runners and…(more)