Any kind of pain in your foot should be cause for immediate concern. As the foundation of your whole skeletal structure, any discomfort you feel will likely cause you to compensate in some way. This can result in future problems in the rest of your body from your knees and hips, all the way up to your back. In…(more)

Even though high heels are declining in popularity, for many women they are still their “go to” shoe for formal occasions and work. But despite how fashionable stilettos are, to say that they aren’t very comfortable would be quite an understatement. Many women report pain, calluses, and other symptoms just from wearing pumps. Over the last decade, Dr. Verville…(more)

Wearing the right running shoe can take you far…literally! No matter your level of running (be it casual jogs or 5K competitions), what you wear on your feet matters. So as you shop for the best type of footwear, remember that there’s more to consider than the brand and color scheme. It is essential that you consider your particular…(more)

The average height of high heels have increased from three to five inches. It’s all about moderation ladies! For those heel addicts please refer to Achilles Tendonitits and Plantar Fasciitis.  

So let us know – Is this something you would wear? Alberto Moretti is going for the gold with the creation of the first wearable pair of 24-karat gold shoes. For the ladies, there’s a pair of heels, and for the guys, loafers. Each is covered in velvet and drenched in 24-karat gold. But expect to fork over some…(more)

Donning flip-flops to enjoy warm weather? Follow these dos and don’ts! Do shop for a flip-flop made of high-quality, soft leather. Leather minimizes the potential for blisters and other types of irritation. Do gently bend the flip-flop from end to end, ensuring it bends at the ball of the foot. Shoes of any kind should never fold in half….(more)

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