One of the best ways to take care of your feet is by receiving quality preventative and corrective care from a trained podiatrist. At RNV Podiatry, we are pleased to provide comprehensive care for runners and athletes, dancers, children, and anyone who has issues with their feet. Our board-certified podiatrist, Dr. Rachel N. Verville, has performed thousands of elective foot and ankle surgeries, and is well-versed in treating athletes and dancers so that they can stay active.

We are pleased to be a trusted source of podiatric care in the Prosper, TX area.

Common Foot Problems We Treat     

At RNV Podiatry, we provide compassionate care for a wide range of foot and ankle problems. Some examples include:

  • Heel Pain. Podiatric care may be just the remedy you need to address heel spurs and other sources of heel pain. 
  • Ankle Sprain. Sprained ankles are all too often dismissed as minor injuries, yet without proper care, they can often grow worse. 
  • Bunions. Bunions can grow larger over time, leading to increased pain and discomfort. Often, the best resolution is surgery. 
  • Corns & CallusesOur practice provides relief for those who are suffering from painful foot calluses, corns, and blisters.
  • Ingrown Toenail. When toenails become ingrown, they sometimes require surgical removal. We can provide this procedure as well as full aftercare to ensure your comfort. 
  • Plantar Warts. We are always happy to recommend solutions for plantar warts, ranging from new shoes to orthotic support. 
  • Plantar Fasciitis. Our practice can provide full relief for plantar fasciitis, getting you back on your feet as expediently as possible.

Offering Specialized Treatment For:     

  • Sports & Running Foot Care. Staying physically active is great for your health. No matter what types of athletic activity you are engaged in, however, it is liable to take a toll on your feet. If you have begun noticing foot or ankle pain, especially post-workout, we recommend seeking care from a board-certified podiatrist. 
  • Children’s Foot Care. There are a number of foot and ankle issues that are common to children, including developmental concerns. Some common examples include heel pain, flat feet, toe walking, pigeon toes, plantar warts, and ingrown toenails. Our practice offers friendly, gentle, and compassionate care.
  • Dance Foot Care. Many of the most common dance injuries are foot related. Stress fractures, trigger toe, and Achilles tendon injuries are just a few of the most common examples. Our board-certified podiatrist has years of experience getting dancers back to their feet.

Meet Dr. Rachel Verville

Board-certified podiatrist Dr. Rachel Verville has more than a decade of experience treating foot and ankle problems, caring for patients via surgical and non-surgical methods alike. Dr. Verville boasts extensive podiatric medicine and surgery training, along with an advanced training pedigree in orthopedic trauma and pediatric orthopedic surgery. She is passionate about extending expedient care to dancers and athletes, and also to providing friendly and gentle care to children. Dr. Verville is pleased to serve patients throughout the Prosper, TX community.

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You’re in Good Hands with Dr. Verville

Foot and ankle problems can be discouraging, but with the right care, these issues can be resolved expediently, getting you back on your feet and back to regular exercise. Dr. Verville is here to take good care of you. Schedule a consultation at our practice today at (214) 385-8822.