Hammertoes are a contracture of one or both joints in the toes. This abnormal bending can put pressure on the toes when wearing shoes, causing problems to develop. The most common cause of hammertoes is a muscle and tendon imbalance and results in structural changes in the foot that occur over time. Treatment options vary based on the severity of the hammertoes.

What Causes a Hammertoe Foot Condition?

A hammertoe is a deformity of the digits of your feet of a Frisco patient. The toe appears to be bent at the middle joint causing it to resemble a hammer. People with hammertoe may have calluses or corns near and around the joint and feel pain when they wear shoes.

The most common symptoms of hammertoe include pain, soreness, inflammation and redness, burning sensations and numbness in and around the front of your foot. Other symptoms may include:

  • Deformity and prominence of a specific toe.
  • Swelling and redness of the joint in your big toe.
  • Thickened skin, calluses, and corns on the base of your toes.
  • Persistent pain in and around your big toe.
  • Restricted movement of your big toe and pain when you walk.

If you have persistent foot pain or a visible bump or deformity on your toe joint that decreases your toe’s movement it may be due to a hammertoe. A professional consultation from a Frisco podiatrist who specializes in hammertoes is recommended to be sure.

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Are Women More Likely to Get Hammertoe?

Hammertoe is more common in women as they tend to wear tighter, narrower shoes with increased heel height (high heels). These shoes place a lot of pressure onto the joint and predispose it to deformity. It is also common for patients to wear shoes that are too small, and this can predispose them to the problem.

How Can I Treat Hammertoe?

There are a variety of non-surgical treatments available to control and reduce pain associated with hammertoe. You can treat this problem by:

  • Wearing wide toe-box shoes with a minimum of half an inch of space between your toes and the shoe.
  • Avoiding heels over 2 inches.
  • Using hammertoe pads that alleviate the pressure that causes pain.
  • Applying ice to reduce swelling.
  • Custom orthotics for your show that will support your feet.
  • Stretching your feet to restore muscle balance.

Board Certified Dr. Verville will diagnose the severity of your condition and advise you on the optimal treatment options.

Will I Need Hammertoe Surgery?

Depending on the severity of your condition and the cause, you may require hammertoe surgery to optimal treat your hammertoe. Hammertoe surgery involves removing the swollen tissue and bone around your toe joint and straightening your toe.

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