Foot Pain

Your toes are comprised of very delicate, thin bones. When you stub your toe, if it gets stepped on, or if you drop something on it the pain can be intense. But how can you tell the difference between just a stubbed toe and one that is actually broken and needs to be looked at by a foot doctor?…(more)

Every year, several Frisco area patients see foot doctor Dr. Verville for foot and ankle pain. While most people have questions about how foot and ankle pain develop, the answer is that it varies. Some foot pain is caused by overuse, some by injury, some by related diseases and still others by genetics. The truth is that an experienced…(more)

Heel pain can be excruciating, and Frisco area podiatrist Dr. Verville treats several patients a year for it. But what she’s found in this age of asking “Dr. Google” for a diagnosis before seeking advice from a medical professional is that often, Frisco patients are experiencing a completely different condition than they suspect. Read on for a discussion of…(more)

We’ve all heard the phrase “No pain, no gain.” But with foot injuries, seeing a podiatrist before your condition worsens often turns out better in the long run. In this case, running is actually part of the problem. Most patients with Achilles tendon injuries that I see at my Frisco practice are runners and weekend warriors. Intense activity after…(more)

When you start running, an injury may not register until the rush of endorphins has worn off and you’re cooling down. Sometimes you may not realize how severe an injury is until you have trouble finishing your normal run. Runners can develop painful problems because of the constant strain and impact of feet on the road. Depending on the…(more)

Your Achilles tendon is named after the mythological Greek hero Achilles, whose one weak spot was a tendon stretching from the heel to calf muscles. The Achilles tendon flexes like a rubber band when we walk, stand, and run. When it stretches too much, it can tear or rupture causing: Stiffness. Swelling. Snapping or popping when injured. Limited flexibility…(more)

Believe it or not, some people don’t realize they have foot fractures. These stress fractures start as imperceptible cracks in your bone that may only cause minor pain. As time goes, the area may grow causing pain to worsen when you bear weight. An acute fracture immediately causes pain and results from serious trauma to your foot. This can…(more)

Both blisters and calluses signal your body is on the defensive from foot trauma. A blister is fluid-filled skin that often causes pain, while a callus is painless hardened skin. The cause of these injuries can be as simple as breaking in a new pair of shoes or the result of running several miles a day. Dr. Verville is…(more)

“My feet are killing me, swollen, and painful,” almost half of American women say that many times over the course of a few years. The other half says the same thing at least sometime or other. Why do women’s feet hurt more? Pregnancy, long hours of standing, sprains, household chores, carrying the children… well, the reasons are endless and…(more)