Diabetic Foot Problems

Diabetic foot problems, such as nerve damage (or Diabetic Neuropathy) and reduced blood flow to your feet are serious issues for Frisco area patients that can cause even more severe consequences. Currently, 30,000,000 people in the United States are diabetic, with over 1,000,000 new patients being diagnosed every year. At the same time, more than 65,000 lower limbs are…(more)

There are 30 million Diabetics in the United States, and more than 1 million new patients are diagnosed every year. Chances are if you are in the Frisco area, you know somebody affected by Diabetes. And while most people associate Diabetes with high blood sugar, medication and insulin injections, the disease can also cause serious problems with your feet….(more)

Foot gout, one of the most painful types of arthritis, often starts in the big toe but spreads to other joints in the foot and body. This condition is brought on by elevated uric acid levels, which form hard crystals in the joints. You are more likely to get foot gout if you: Have a family history of gout….(more)

More than 50% of diabetic foot amputations can be avoided according to podiatric research. This is great news considering that till just recently, there were few alternatives to amputation. A leading podiatrist (physician who treats feet, ankle and leg problems) says that the most common cause that sends diabetics to a hospital is their feet and it is also…(more)

Diabetes by the Numbers