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Still deemed as a physical impairment for military service, flat feet, or fallen arches, is a condition where the arches of your feet are flatter than usual. These arches do not exist when we are infants, but develop when we begin walking. Frisco patients with flat feet either did not develop arches during childhood or have flattened their arches through…(more)

Both blisters and calluses signal your body is on the defensive from foot trauma. A blister is fluid-filled skin that often causes pain, while a callus is painless hardened skin. The cause of these injuries can be as simple as breaking in a new pair of shoes or the result of running several miles a day. Dr. Verville is…(more)

Plantar fasciitis is a common form of heel pain caused by straining the plantar fascia ligament. This is the ligament that extends along the bottom of your foot, from your heel to your toes. There is no medication that can, on its own, cure this condition. Fortunately for Plano plantar fasciitis patients, Dr. Verville can provide medicine and treatments…(more)

While several factors can cause the condition, Plano plantar fasciitis patients commonly develop symptoms after extensive walking or running without the right support. Why? As you move, your feet take impact. Improper footwear creates repetitive stress on specific areas of the foot. This can cause the plantar fascia ligament to overtighten, tear, and become inflamed. As an experienced podiatrist,…(more)

While there are several specific symptoms that serve as a sign you may need medical care, RNV Podiatry recommends that you follow a simple rule: if your foot or ankle hurts or looks or feels differently than normal, schedule an appointment with a podiatrist. Often, patients delay a medical visit because they: Don’t recognize that their symptoms are part…(more)

Your podiatrist can help you identify and treat a variety of conditions related to your foot or ankle. It may be time for an appointment if you: Have pain in your foot or ankle. Are concerned about discoloration or discomfort around your toes. Have noticed changes in the texture or smoothness of your skin. Are finding it more difficult…(more)

Frisco foot surgery patients often want to know more about their symptoms before their appointment with RNV Podiatry. Our website offers a wealth of information about typical foot- and ankle-related conditions, which we invite you to explore. Certain conditions are mild but cause enough discomfort to prompt treatment. Others may begin with subtle cues but become more serious and…(more)

One of the most common reasons Frisco foot surgery patients end up needing treatment is because of an injury or condition related to exercise. Maybe you’re a jogger who ruptured an Achilles tendon. Or, you might have fractured your ankle playing basketball. It’s also possible that you’ve developed uncomfortable bunions, calluses, or corns, and you need foot surgery before…(more)

Wearing the right running shoe can take you far…literally! No matter your level of running (be it casual jogs or 5K competitions), what you wear on your feet matters. So as you shop for the best type of footwear, remember that there’s more to consider than the brand and color scheme. It is essential that you consider your particular…(more)

Do you Remember Those Unfortunate and painful days of your life??? When your foot hurts and your career as a sports person is at stake, don’t let sports injuries get you down… At RNV Podiatry, We can fix that. Never let anything ruin your dreams or your ability to compete.