Medically Reviewed by Dr. Rachel N. Verville

April 15, 2016

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Athletes are trained to shake off injuries and keep going. But once you’re off the court or field, even small injuries can spell trouble for performance. Before heading back to practice, a podiatrist can get you back on your feet by ensuring your injury is treated properly and regains the strength you need to give your all.

What Professional Athletes Do

When NBA star forward Kevin Durant fractured the bone along the outside of his foot back in 2014, he was sidelined for 6-8 weeks. This meant missing a chunk of the season to recover from surgery and heal properly. Like Durant, professional athletes are frequently out of numerous games as their bodies get back to normal. The untold story of how they were treated, and by who goes like this:

  • Evaluation by a podiatrist to determine the extent of injury. This often includes imaging if a fracture or more severe injury is suspected.
  • Treatment with anti-inflammatory medication, ice, compression, and possibly pain medication.
  • A period of rest. Keeping your foot elevated and weight off the injury.
  • Gradual reintroduction of exercise, starting with low-impact activities such as swimming or biking.

Your podiatrist is your sounding board for when your sports injury has healed. Follow-up exams will give you the advice and information you need to completely re-strengthen your foot.

How to Prevent Re-injury

As you heal, your injury will improve slowly. Even after healing, it is important to note any changes you perceive because they can lead to further damage. To prevent weakness in an area you have previously injured, the surrounding muscle should be developed for additional support. You can also incorporate custom orthotics, compression, and tape to help with swelling or pain.

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