Medically Reviewed by Dr. Rachel N. Verville

October 12, 2016

Ankleinjury plano freshA foot or ankle injury can place you on the sidelines for weeks, or even months and no athlete wants to be out of the game for that long. But there is good news. According to Frisco podiatrist Dr. Verville, with the right preparation and training, you can avoid many common foot and ankle injuries. Read on for an explanation of how you can stay happy, healthy, and in the game.

Always Remember to Stretch and Warm Up.

According to sports podiatrist Dr. Verville, it’s vital that before any exercise or workout that you fully stretch your calf muscles, to keep your feet safe. And after stretching, it’s a good idea to jog in place for about 3 minutes to ensure you are fully warmed up.

Gradually Condition Your Muscles.

You may be mentally ready to go all in, but are you physically ready to push yourself to the limits? The chances are, you aren’t. A podiatrist will urge you to gradually condition your muscles over a period of time so that they are strengthened and support you through your exercise routine. Pushing your body to the limits often results in an injury – the exact thing you’re trying to avoid.

Pick the Right Athletic Shoes.

Podiatrist Dr. Verville strongly recommends you visit a Frisco athletic shoe store to pick the right type of shoe for your exercise or sport. At an athletic shoe store, a knowledgeable sales representative can measure your foot, determine whether you have low arches or high arches, and help you find the right shoe that will offer you the best support for the sport or activity you in which you are participating. And if you’re a runner, visit the athletic shoe store frequently. Running shoes should be replaced every 300 to 500 miles so that they continue providing you the best support.

Avoid Uneven Surfaces.

One of the easiest ways to injure your foot or ankle is to run or walk on uneven surfaces. You should always try to avoid them. But, if your sport is trail running, for example, avoiding uneven surfaces may not be possible. In that case, pay very careful attention to the conditions around you. Look out for holes in the ground, tree roots and other obstructions that may cause you to trip or land awkwardly on your feet.

Prevent Recurrent Injuries.

If you’re prone to ankle or foot injuries, talk to your Frisco podiatrist about ways to prevent them in the future. Prevention may be as simple as taping your ankle or wearing a brace, or more therapeutic such as performing a series of exercises to prevent future injuries. Remember, when it comes to preventing foot and ankle injuries, your sports podiatrist knows best. Reach out to her or him to put together a plan for preventing future injuries.

I Still Have Questions. What Should I Do?

If you still have questions about preventing foot and ankle injuries, it’s best that you visit sports podiatrist Dr. Verville in her Frisco office to discuss your particular case. Call her at (214) 385-8822 to schedule a consultation today.