Medically Reviewed by Dr. Rachel N. Verville

June 13, 2016

If you’ve tried to find the right athletic shoes, the choices often seem intimidating. It seems like there are shoes not only for every sport but also for certain types of players. You may think that this is too specific, but the truth is that the right shoe can prevent common sports injuries.

How To Find the Right Shoes for Your Sport

Sports like basketball involve a lot of sprinting across the court, while tennis requires quick side-to-side motions. Although these two sports are both played on a court and require similar movements, the footwear for each are designed to support your feet in different ways and prevent ankle sprains.

Basketball players need a thick, stiff sole for extra stability, while tennis players are better off with a flexible sole. Of course, you can also buy a pair of cross-trainers if you play both but it’s best to buy a shoe specific to your sport if you play three or more times a week.

Tips for Choosing the Right Pair of Shoes

Back at the shoe store, you’re still staring at a wall lined with hundreds of shoes. Some with features you didn’t even know existed and you’re still not sure if you need.

To find the right pair of shoes, it helps to go to a shoe store specifically for sports. Once there, you should find a knowledgeable associate to help you pick out a shoe that:

  • Offers you the right kind of support.
  • Fits comfortably on the heel, not too tight and not sliding off.
  • Allows for any quirks about your approach to the sport. Some runners know their gait and can find a pair of shoes designed for how they run.

To prevent the potential for future injuries, be sure to replace your shoes after running 300 to 500 miles or completing 300 hours of aerobic activity.

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