Medically Reviewed by Dr. Rachel N. Verville

November 2, 2016

Flatfeet carrolton calvesWhat Are Flat Feet?

Flat Feet are feet in which the foot arch has either never properly developed, or has fallen over time. Many infants and children have flat feet because their foot arch – which is formed by tendons and ligaments in your foot and lower leg – has yet to develop. Some children outgrow their Flat Feet as they age; others don’t. And some adults originally have a foot arch, but it falls over a series of time, thus causing Flat Feet.

What are the Symptoms of Flat Feet?

There are wide ranges of symptoms for flat feet, but not all Frisco area patients exhibit them. If you have Flat Feet, maybe you have noticed that you have foot pain in the arch or ankle area of the foot. You may have also experienced difficulty stretching your foot or standing on your toes or tiptoes. Still, other Frisco Flat Feet patients exhibit swelling and tenderness along the inside of their ankles.

How Are Flat Feet Diagnosed?

There are several ways to diagnose flat feet. The easiest is by a comprehensive examination of your feet. Your Frisco area podiatrist will examine your feet and observe how you stand on them from both the front and back of your feet. Your podiatrist will also ask you to stand on your toes or tiptoes. The doctor may even look at the wear pattern on your shoes.

If you are experiencing significant pain with your flat feet, and your Frisco podiatrist feels it’s necessary, she or he may also order one of the following tests:

  • An X-ray, to produce images of the bones and joints in your feet.
  • A CT scan, to get X-rays of your foot from different angles.
  • An MRI, to provide details of the soft tissue of your feet.

Can you Treat Flat Feet?

Podiatrists have many options to treat Flat Feet, depending on the severity of pain you are feeling. The first line of defense against Flat Feet is changing shoes for comfort, and using shoe inserts / orthotics. Podiatrist Dr. Verville recommends you go to a professional Frisco shoe store where a knowledgeable sales representative can measure the length and width of your feet, and help you find a shoe that will be the most comfortable option for your unique case. Finally, she may prescribe medication to control pain, or in extreme cases, recommend surgery.

I Think I Have Flat Feet. What Should I Do?

If you think you are experiencing the pain of Flat Feet, the best thing for you to do is to call Frisco podiatrist Dr. Verville for a comprehensive examination. Flat Feet will not go away without intervention, so seeing a podiatrist is a must. You can schedule an appointment today with Dr. Verville by call (214) 385-8822.