Medically Reviewed by Dr. Rachel N. Verville

February 25, 2016

5 common foot problemsFoot injuries are a normal part of life. Even those of us who don’t work out or play sports can take one wrong step off the curb and sprain our ankles or fracture our feet.

What most Frisco patients want to know is the most common foot problems that need treatment from a podiatrist. While all injuries can technically turn into bigger problems without the proper care, here are a list of five common foot problems that need a podiatrist to heal properly.

1. Stress Fracture

You know those foot injuries that you tend to shrug off as nothing? They may only hurt for a few days but those are the most dangerous types of injuries. Silent but can cause lots of problems long after you think they’ve healed.

A stress fracture begins as a small crack on the surface of the bone. It forms from repetitive strain such as walking or running longer distances, but it can happen at any time.

When I described stepping off a curb the wrong way, the injury that often results is a stress fracture. So can dropping something heavy on your foot, or walking on an uneven surface.

Basically, a stress fracture is one of those times you think you don’t need a podiatrist but you do. Not for intensive treatment but to prevent further damage.

2. Ganglion Cyst

A cyst is a fluid-filled bump that appears on the body. A ganglion cyst is connected to the joints and can cause pain depending on how it’s connected to the joint. Most Frisco patients notice ganglion cysts on their foot. They may dismiss it something that will eventually go away on its own.

Some do. But the ones that don’t will continue to grow without treatment. If a ganglion cyst is causing you pain, you should schedule an appointment with a podiatrist immediately.

3. Sports Injuries

Any kind of sports injury should be treated, immediately. In fact, even slight injuries will often worsen if you continue to play on the foot or ankle that you’ve injured. This can result in long term damage that can eventually take you out of the sport completely. A podiatrist will advise you on the type of injury, how long you should rest, and when you can go back to playing.

4. Dance Injuries

Dancing often involves similar injuries to sports, but also carries the additional risk of stress fractures. By continuously performing on hard surfaces, such as wood or concrete, dancers ruin their feet. By coming in to see a podiatrist and maintaining healthy feet by resting when injured, you will protect your feet from more severe injuries in the future.

5. Gout

A condition that can affect different areas of the body, pain around your big toe joint often signals gout as a culprit. For the most part, Frisco patients with gout will benefit from a podiatrist monitoring their condition. Poor lifestyle choices can make your gout worse.

But good lifestyle choices such as reducing red meat, alcohol, and high-fructose corn syrup can prevent attacks. A podiatrist will help you monitor and control your gout with healthier choices and anti-inflammatory medication.

If you suspect any of these foot problems, call Dr. Verville’s office at 214.385.8822 to schedule an appointment.