Medically Reviewed by Dr. Rachel N. Verville

September 14, 2017

Ankle Sprain FriscoOne of the most common injuries that we treat is an ankle sprain. Frisco patients usually want to know how long they’ll have to wait for their ankle to heal so they can get back on their feet. While this is a difficult question to answer without knowing the exact details of your specific case, there is a general timeline for ankle sprain healing. If you’ve sprained your ankle, make sure that you call Dr. Verville today at (214) 385-8822.

Why Get Treatment for an Ankle Sprain

Frisco patients often feel that a sprained ankle will just heal on its own. However, sprains are notoriously tricky injuries to treat, precisely because patients take them so lightly. But without proper treatment sprained ankles can heal improperly, leading to weakness in that joint and a high potential for re-injury.

How Long to Heal an Ankle Sprain

Frisco patients with ankle sprains will have different healing times based on how serious their injury is. In fact, there are several different “grades” of sprains: the more serious the sprain the higher the grade.

  • Grade One – With a Grade One ankle sprain, patients can expect the healing time to be between one or two weeks. A Grade One sprain is the least severe and usually involves only minor damage and stretching to the ligaments. There will be pain, swelling, stiffness, and perhaps some instability.
  • Grade Two – In a Grade Two sprain there will actually be some tearing of the ligaments. This will mean more intense pain, perhaps some bruising, swelling, and stiffness. The joint may also not feel as stable. This sprain can take over a month to heal, maybe a month-and-a-half.
  • Grade Three – When the ligament tears completely it is a Grade Three sprain. The pain level here is much more than the other two grades but the pain goes away after the initial tear. There will be much less stability in the joint at this point. The swelling and bruising will be extensive. A Grade Three sprain typically heals in two to three months.

Why Choose Dr. Verville for Your Ankle Sprain

Frisco patients that have sprained their ankle should not just let it heal on its own. There are serious risks to some of the most important joints in your body. Your whole weight rests on your ankles so make sure that you call Dr. Verville at (214) 385-8822. As a podiatrist, Dr. Verville specializes in treating the feet and ankles and has over a decade of experience. She’s also performed over 1,500 surgeries on patients’ feet and ankles. But even more importantly, Dr. Verville is passionate about using the absolute latest in medical technology to help patients get back on their feet and providing them with techniques to prevent future injuries.

Give us a call at our office in Frisco to schedule an ankle sprain consultation with Dr. Verville at (214) 385-8822. We’d love to hear from you and let you know how we can help.