Medically Reviewed by Dr. Rachel N. Verville

January 2, 2019

Sprained ankle friscoAnyone who hasn’t experienced a sprained ankle before will likely do so at some point in their life. It’s one of the most common injuries people experience, and intense exercising doesn’t even have to happen for it to occur. Simply stepping the wrong way or losing balance can lead to a sprained ankle. While there are different severities of a sprained ankle, the vast majority of them do not require surgery. Rest and relaxation are usually all that’s required for Frisco patients with a sprained ankle, but Dr. Verville will be able to confirm the best treatment option for each individual.

When Surgery is Needed for a Sprained Ankle

Surgery on a sprained ankle usually only occurs when a patient in Frisco doesn’t respond well to nonsurgical treatments or if significant instability in the ankle occurs. The two main surgical options are arthroscopy or complete reconstruction of the damaged ligament. The people who have to have surgery will have to be immobilized for a period of time, as even the smallest misstep can lead to further damage.

Most Common Treatment Options

Dr. Verville will very rarely suggest surgery for her patients in Frisco with a sprained ankle. Most of the time the treatment options will include resting the ankle, applying ice as needed, compressing the ankle and elevating it as much as possible to promote proper blood flow. For more severe ankle sprains, immobilization may be needed for a period to allow for proper healing.

The goal for treating a sprained ankle is to restore mobility, flexibility, strength, and range of motion. Dr. Verville will often suggest certain exercises to promote these characteristics once the initial healing process is complete and the ankle is strong enough to support the force. It’s important to take any exercises slowly and gradually increase the intensity. Using a supportive ankle brace can help ensure the ankle is stable enough to prevent further injury and to allow people to feel confident with their movement during rehabilitation.

Work with a Trusted Specialist

One of the best ways to heal from a sprained ankle quickly is to work with a trusted foot and ankle specialist. Since there are different grades of ankle sprains, the specialist must evaluate the injury thoroughly to provide the proper diagnosis and treatment options. Of course, patients in Frisco still need to pay attention to what they are feeling in their body. If there’s any discomfort or an abnormal feeling, never hesitate to reach out to the specialist. Most sprained ankles will heal over the course of a few weeks, and identifying any setbacks early on will keep the timeline on track.

RNV Podiatry knows how inconvenient a sprained ankle can be, and wants to help the recovery process go as quickly as possible. Dr. Verville sees patients with sprained ankles every day and always offers the best suggestions based on the individual’s situation. While a sprained ankle will typically heal on its own with proper rest, there’s never any harm in getting an evaluation to ensure there’s no significant damage.

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