Medically Reviewed by Dr. Rachel N. Verville

May 25, 2017

Ankle sprain little elmHave you ever sprained your ankle? If you have, unfortunately, you’ve increased your chances of an ankle sprain happening to you again. The recurrence rate is at least 30 percent, but may be as high as 80 percent depending on what numbers you look at. About half of recurrent ankle sprains result in chronic pain or disability, so preventing repeat injuries is incredibly important.

How to Avoid Repeated Ankle Sprains

The ankle is the most commonly injured body part in sports, and every year, about eight million people endure an ankle sprain. If you’ve suffered an ankle sprain before, it’s critical to take steps to ensure it doesn’t happen to you again.

  1. Balance training. Researchers have determined that a major cause of ankle sprains is poor Start with some basic balance exercises you can do at home and see if you begin to improve at all. If your balance is especially off, or you’re nervous about hurting yourself, schedule regular visits with a physical therapist in Frisco.
  1. Wear an ankle brace. If you’re an athlete, or just staying active, consider wearing an ankle brace when you workout or have a game. An ankle brace won’t completely prevent your chances of being injured, but it can help stabilize your ankle and provide added support.
  1. Do targeted exercises. The stronger your leg muscles are, the less likely you’ll be to sprain your ankle. The majority of sprains occur to the lateral side of the ankle, so you may want to focus on exercises that target this area specifically.
  1. Avoid walking on uneven surfaces. If you’ve had an ankle sprain before, and you know you’re more at risk of it happening again, don’t put yourself in hazardous situations. Avoid walking on uneven surfaces around Frisco like a hiking trail, beach, or rocky terrain. There will certainly be times when walking on uneven surfaces will be unavoidable, so do your best to keep your balance and be aware of your surroundings.
  1. Don’t self-treat. When you sprain your ankle, don’t “wait it out” or try to treat it on your own. Waiting too long, or trying to be your own doctor will only prolonging the inevitable and will put you at-risk of doing further damage to your ankle. Make an appointment with a podiatrist in Frisco immediately so you can be sure your ankle will heal properly.

Let a Podiatrist Treat Your Ankle Sprain

Symptoms of an ankle sprain include mild to moderate discomfort, bruising, swelling, limited range of motion, and difficulty walking. If you’re experiencing any of these problems, make your health a priority and contact a podiatrist. When your feet and ankles are concerned, it’s much better to be safe than sorry—after all, you need your lower extremities to carry you through the rest of your life!

Dr. Verville at RNV Podiatry in Frisco has extensive experience treating ankle sprains and can help you get back on your feet again. Schedule an appointment with her today by calling (214) 385-8822.