Medically Reviewed by Dr. Rachel N. Verville

August 24, 2017

Frisco Foot DoctorYour toes are comprised of very delicate, thin bones. When you stub your toe, if it gets stepped on, or if you drop something on it the pain can be intense. But how can you tell the difference between just a stubbed toe and one that is actually broken and needs to be looked at by a foot doctor? Frisco patients can check for a few tell-tale signs that could indicate which is the case for you. If you suspect your toe is broken based on the symptoms that we’ve laid out below, make sure that you call Dr. Verville today at (214) 385-8822. There are a variety of painful and costly issues that can happen if you don’t get your broken toe treated that we’ve outlined below. Make sure that you take a look through our Review page to see some of the incredibly kind things our patients have to say about Dr. Verville.

Signs Your Toe Needs a Foot Doctor

Frisco patients that have injured their toe should take some time to figure out if their toe is broken. Here are a few ways to tell.

  • Pain level – Obviously, if moving your toe creates excruciating pain, it is likely that your toe is broken. Tingling is another sign of a fracture. Even if you can still walk, but it makes the pain worse, it could be another sign of a break.
  • Pain duration – If the pain goes away after a few hours or a day, it could just be a stubbed toe. But if the pain continues for several days, it likely is a broken toe.
  • Swelling – You can compare your two toes to see if the injured one has started to swell. Just stubbing your toe will likely not create swelling.
  • Shape – If your injured toe has changed shape or direction, it’s time to call your foot doctor. Frisco patients should reach out to Dr. Verville immediately to get the issue treated.
  • Color – A broken toe may turn red, blue, black, or yellow.
  • Touch – Finally, you can also touch the toe and move it. If you feel that the toe is moving strangely or if you can actually feel the bone moving inside, it’s very likely the toe is broken.

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Why Call a Dr. Verville for Your Broken Toe

Leaving a broken toe to “heal on its own” can not only cause problems in the future, but it could also require surgery to fix. If you’ve got a broken toe here are a few reasons to call a foot doctor. Frisco men and women whose toes are swollen, bruised, or painful to walk on should most certainly call Dr. Verville today.

  • Reduced foot movement – If you don’t get your broken toe treated, the bones can heal back together in strange ways. This could lead to a reduction in your foot movement.
  • Surgical correction – Another reason is that if your bones don’t grow back together properly, the only way to correct them could be with surgery.
  • Arthritis – Improperly healed broken bones may also be more prone to getting painful arthritis in the future.

Dr. Verville has over 10 years of experience as a foot doctor and has conducted over 1,500 surgeries. On top of that, our patients absolutely love her. She works hard to develop lasting and trusting relationships with all of her patients. She has built her practice on providing kind, compassionate, and gentle care for all of her patients. Get in contact with us at out office in Frisco.

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