Medically Reviewed by Dr. Rachel N. Verville

January 9, 2017

Ankle sprain friscoEvery year, several Frisco area patients see foot doctor Dr. Verville for foot and ankle pain. While most people have questions about how foot and ankle pain develop, the answer is that it varies. Some foot pain is caused by overuse, some by injury, some by related diseases and still others by genetics. The truth is that an experienced Frisco foot doctor knows that there are several causes of foot and ankle pain, each unique to how they start, how they make you feel and how they can be treated. Read on to learn about some of the most common foot and ankle pain causes, and how a foot doctor like Frisco’s Dr. Verville can help treat each condition.

Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is a common foot injury, especially amongst athletes. With Plantar fasciitis, small rips and tears occur in your foot and put undue pressure on the tissue that supports your foot arch, also called the plantar fascia. This can result in weak and swollen feet as well as painful irritation, especially when you first stand up in the morning. Plantar fasciitis can be relieved by rest, relaxation, physical therapy and medication for pain relief as well as to reduce inflammation. If you suspect you have plantar fasciitis, you should see Frisco foot doctor Dr. Verville right away for treatment.

Achilles Tendonitis

The Achilles’ tendon is one of the largest tendons in the body, and it stretches from your heel to your calf muscles. Because of its size and location, the Achilles’ tendon is prone to injury, or tendonitis, especially by athletes. Overuse, pushing yourself too hard at sports and not stretching properly before physical activity are all things that can cause Achilles’ tendon injuries. For the most part, a foot doctor like Dr. Verville will recommend rest for Achilles tendonitis, along with icing the tendon and keeping weight off of it by using crutches. Most people recover from Achilles tendonitis within a few weeks, though some people may take months to feel better. And, an even smaller population will require surgery to repair their Achilles’ tendon.

Sprained Ankle

Most of us have had at least a mild sprained ankle in our lifetime, in which we had pain for a few days that quickly went away. But a sprained ankle, which stretches and tears the ligaments that stabilize the ankle, can turn into a much worse injury without the help of a foot doctor. If you’ve sprained your ankle and you’re experiencing pain, discomfort, bruising, swelling, a limited range of motion, difficulty bearing weight on the ankle, trouble walking or if you heard a popping noise when the injury occurred, you should see a foot doctor like Frisco area podiatrist Dr. Verville right away. With the proper treatment, including icing, elevating, resting, and using a medical brace to reduce swelling, your sprained ankle can heal without turning into a more serious condition.

What Should I do if I have Foot or Ankle Pain?

If you’re experiencing pain or discomfort in your foot or ankle, don’t wait until the condition worsens to get help. See an experienced foot doctor immediately, like Dr. Rachel Verville in her Frisco area office. To schedule an appointment today, call (214) 385-8822.