Medically Reviewed by Dr. Rachel N. Verville

April 29, 2020

woman touching one of her bare feetAt RNV Podiatry in Frisco, Dr. Verville sees many patients every year who want relief from the pain they are experiencing from bunions. Bunions are bumps that develop on the outside of the big toe, where the base of the big toe meets the metatarsal foot bone.

Most commonly, bunions occur as a result of the shape of the foot, which is often inherited. When the big toe points toward the second toe, rather than straight ahead, a bunion can form over time. As this deformity develops, it begins to cause pain and discomfort for men and women, and bunion treatment is required.

If you are suffering from a bunion, we recommend making an appointment to see Dr. Verville in Frisco for bunion treatment. The sooner this condition is addressed, the sooner you can find relief. However, the unfortunate fact is that many men and women believe they can effectively perform bunion treatment at home. When patients wait to seek professional medical help for their bunion, surgery could be the only way to find relief. 

When Is Bunion Treatment With Surgery Required?

When you meet with Dr. Verville at her Frisco office for a bunion treatment consultation, she will fully evaluate the state of your condition through an examination and x-rays. Once the severity of your bunion has been decided, she will develop a treatment plan for your specific needs.

If Dr. Verville decides bunion surgery will be the best form of treatment for your specific case, she will:

  • Remove the swollen tissue from around the big toe joint
  • Straighten the big toe by removing part of the bone
  • Realign the big toe it with the long bone between the back part of your foot
  • Permanently rejoin the bones in the toe

This form of bunion treatment is very successful in correcting the deformed area of the big toe and front of the foot.

How to Prepare for Surgical Bunion Treatment

Before Dr. Verville can perform bunion surgery on your foot, you will need to participate in some medical tests that will ensure you are healthy enough for this procedure. Depending on your health history, Dr. Verville may:

  • Perform an x-ray of your lungs
  • Check your heart function
  • Test your urine

Additionally, patients who are on certain medications like blood-thinning drugs may be required to stop taking them a few days prior to surgery to protect against excessive bleeding during surgical bunion treatment.

Surgical bunion treatment is an outpatient procedure, and general anesthesia is most often used; therefore, you will be required to fast from eating or drinking for a certain period of time before coming in for your procedure. Be sure to follow this and all of the pre-op instructions provided by Dr. Verville when preparing for your bunion treatment to ensure your procedure can go on as planned, and without any complications.

Choose Dr. Verville of RNV Podiatry for Bunion Treatment

No matter the severity of your bunion, it is important that you seek treatment from a foot specialist like Dr. Verville in order to find relief and prevent further damage to your toe and foot. If you know you have a bunion, don’t wait to call her in Frisco at (214) 385-8822 today!