Medically Reviewed by Dr. Rachel N. Verville

May 22, 2019

bunion treatment friscoBunions aren’t an ailment that just pops up overnight. They develop slowly over time and can be the product of poor shoewear choices early in life. While we know those perfect high heels make the right statement in your 20s; they may actually lead to long-term foot problems later in life.

So, what is a bunion? A bunion is a bony bump that forms on the big toe joint at the base of your big toe and is often caused by a foot shape and structure passed down by your elders. If your bunions are hereditary, the shape of the foot can cause stress on your big toe. They can also be caused when Frisco men and women wear shoes that are too tight, have arthritis, or have had a have had a foot injury that put stress on the front of the foot.

While we hope you’re able to avoid them, if you do end up with bunions, don’t worry. No matter the cause, Dr. Verville can create an individualized bunion treatment plan just for you.

How To Know If You’re Suffering From Bunions

For most people in Frisco, bunions cause pain, soreness, inflammation, redness, numbness, and a burning sensation in and around the front of the foot. People may also notice a large bump on the outside of their big toe, thickened skin on the base of the big toe or front of the foot, persistent pain even when resting, and restricted movement of the big toe.

If you are suffering from some or all of these symptoms, call Dr. Verville today to book an appointment so you can start your bunion treatment as soon as possible. Bunion treatment plans can involve non-surgical solutions, or if your bunions are very severe, or you do not respond to non-surgical solutions, Dr. Verville may recommend surgery as part of your bunion treatment.

How to Prevent Bunions

As we mentioned above, sometimes bunions can be avoided when Frisco residents make good shoewear choices early on in life. If you had bunions and have already completed your bunion treatment and want to prevent further bunions, or you want to avoid having to deal with bunions all together, there are simple things you can do and choices you can make to help prevent them:

  • Always wear comfortable shoes that give all of your toes enough room.
  • Have your shoe size measured by a Frisco shoe professional to determine the correct size.
  • Buy shoes that have a wide toe box that provides room for your toes to have some separation.
  • Exercise your feet and strengthen your toes by trying to pick up small objects with them.
  • Keep an eye on your foot shape as you age, especially if bunions run in your family. Early intervention can help you avoid bunions and bunion treatment.

Dr. Verville wants all of her patients to remember that shoe size and width don’t stay the same just because you’re an adult. As we age, the size and width of our feet of our feet often increase, so make sure you choose shoes that correctly fit your feet and provide enough room for your toes.

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If you want to learn more about how Dr. Verville can create a bunion treatment plan just for you, or how she can help you avoid getting bunions in the first place, call her Frisco office today. With over 10 years of experience providing men and women in the area with foot and ankle relief, she’ll know just how to help.

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