Medically Reviewed by Dr. Rachel N. Verville

May 7, 2018

Manicured hands and feet on beach sandIf you are a Frisco area resident with a bunion, you likely want relief, and you want it now! We can’t blame you. Bunions, whether caused by genetics or environmental factors, can be an extremely painful condition.

As Dr. Verville explains below, there are a variety of bunion treatment options that can be employed to treat your bunion, depending on your unique case and the severity of your bunion. If you’re a Frisco area resident and suspect you have a bunion, continue reading to learn more.

  • Switching to More Comfortable Shoes

While this treatment option isn’t exclusively for women, it typically applies to them more than it does to men. Some Frisco women will sacrifice comfort for style and wear shoes, typically high heels, that are too tight, too narrow at the front of the shoe where the toes are located or have a heel that is too high. Switching to more comfortable, but still, fashionable footwear can make all the difference for those who are suffering from bunions. If you suspect your choice in shoes is causing bunion pain, sell those high heels on the Facebook Marketplace and ask Dr. Verville for her suggestion of a local shoe store that sells cute, comfortable high heel alternatives.

  • Using Arch Supports, Inserts or Custom Orthotics to Increase Support and Mobility

Sometimes, even the best-made shoe for foot comfort and health isn’t perfectly right for you. After all, everyone’s feet are different! A great bunion treatment option is to use arch supports or inserts – which can typically be purchased at an athletic shoe store or pharmacy – or to have prescription, customized orthotics made just for you.

  • Reducing Pain and Pressure by Padding and Taping Your Foot

Just like athletes tape up sore joints before practice or the big game, padding and taping your foot can be an excellent bunion treatment option for Frisco podiatry patients who have less severe bunions.

  • Bunion Surgery, Medically Known as a Bunionectomy

Sometimes, bunions are so severe that the best treatment option is to have them surgically corrected. If Dr. Verville determines that a bunionectomy is the right course of treatment for you, your surgical plan may include:

  • Eliminating swollen tissue from around the big toe joint;
  • Removing part of the big toe’s bone to straighten it;
  • Realigning the big toe with the long bone that runs along the back of the foot; and
  • Permanently rejoining the bones.

Call RNV Podiatry if You Suspect You Have a Bunion

If you suspect you’re experiencing a bunion, caused either by genetics or environmental factors, your next best step is to the call Dr. Verville at RNV Podiatry for an initial consultation. During this evaluation, Dr. Verville will inspect your foot, listen to your symptoms, and take X-rays to determine whether or not you do in fact have a bunion. If a bunion is found, she will utilize this information to create a personalized treatment plan for you.

You can reach Dr. Verville’s Frisco office today to schedule this initial appointment by calling (214) 385-8822.