Medically Reviewed by Dr. Rachel N. Verville

December 19, 2016

Frisco foot doctorSome people say that age is nothing but a number, but that just isn’t the case when it comes to your foot health. As you enter your 40’s, you may experience a number of foot issues that may lead you to see a Frisco area foot doctor. Read on to learn about some of the common foot problems that occur in your 40’s, and how a foot doctor like Frisco’s Dr. Verville of RNV Podiatry can help you resolve these foot issues:

Heel Pain

As you age, you may notice that you are experiencing heel pain. Heel pain can be caused by a variety of foot issues, including plantar fasciitis and heel spurs. It can also be caused by a change in activity – especially physical activity like exercise or playing sports – or by your footwear. Typically, those with heel pain experience it first thing in the morning when they step out of bed, but the pain in the heel can go away with walking. However, as heel conditions worsen, the heel pain exists with every step. Only a Frisco foot doctor like Dr. Verville can get to the underlying cause of your heel pain, which is why it’s important to see a foot doctor is you are experiencing this issue. Remedies may include changing to properly fitting shoes, prescription orthotics, icing, completing certain stretches, massage and anti-inflammatory drugs.


Unfortunately, most Frisco patients will develop bunions in their 40’s and 50’s. This is typically a hereditary condition, so if your parents or grandparents had bunions, you’ll likely have them, too. While they appear as a bump and may look like extra bone, bunions are actually the abnormal exposures of the head of the metatarsal – a group of five long bones in the foot – that slowly moves away from the foot. Bunions usually appear on the big toe, and can cause the big toe to place undue pressure on the rest of your toes, causing hammertoe. Frisco foot doctor Dr. Verville can treat bunions by helping you find wider fitting shoes, prescribing orthotics or surgery.

Corns and Calluses

Corns, which appear on the bottom of the toe, and calluses, which appear on the bottom of the foot (typically the ball of the foot), are the thickening and hardening of the skin. They are your foot’s natural reaction to consistent and undue pressure in the area. Corns and calluses can be painful when pressure is applied to them, and can be tender, red, sore and cause pain under the skin of the foot. Foot doctors like Dr. Verville treat corns and calluses by recommending better fitting shoes, wearing shoe supports and inserts, padding and taping your foot, pain medication and prescription orthotics. Additionally, Dr. Verville may remove the corn or callus.

If I’m Over 40, Should I See a Foot Doctor?

If you’re over 40, or any age for that matter, and experiencing any of the above-mentioned foot conditions, it’s highly recommended that you see a Frisco foot doctor for evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment. You can schedule an appointment with Frisco’s own Dr. Verville at RNV Podiatry by calling (214) 385-8822 today.