Medically Reviewed by Dr. Rachel N. Verville

June 15, 2013

So let us know – Is this something you would wear?

Alberto Moretti is going for the gold with the creation of the first wearable pair of 24-karat gold shoes. For the ladies, there’s a pair of heels, and for the guys, loafers. Each is covered in velvet and drenched in 24-karat gold. But expect to fork over some serious coinage for these shoes as prices start at $2,650 (or 2,000 euros).

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The shoes were created in collaboration with HORO, a brand that has also made gold leaf T-shirts. The footwear will be available for purchase exclusively at five places around the world: Barneys in New York, Fred Segal in L.A., the Swank in Hong Kong, Level Shoe District in Dubai, and Harrods in London.

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Strip away the gold, and there’s really not much more to these shoes. Both the heels and loafers are very plain designs, which begs the question: Are they really worth the big bucks? Are the pumps magically painless? Can you click your heels and have them take you back to Kansas?

“Both models are simple with essential lines, the importance of the material that covers the entire surface of the shoe makes it unnecessary to any kind of decoration,” the brand said in a statement to the Daily Mail. Forgive us, but when you’re shelling out over two grand for a pair of shoes, you’d expect more of a wow factor. Some sexy straps, eye-catching jewels… give us something!

Golden loafers, anyone?

Just one scroll through Moretti’s spring/summer 2013 look book proves he has gold on his mind. While there are designs of snakeskin and confetti, the bulk of his shoes feature a gold-laced texture. Unsurprisingly, wealthy celebrities flock to Moretti for fancy, attention-grabbing footwear. Lady Gaga, Cameron Diaz, Jessica Chastain, and even Ryan Gosling have all been snapped by the paparazzi wearing the designer’s creations.

While Gaga could definitely (and probably has) worn heels made of expensive metals, how realistic is it for your average fashionista to wear a shoe covered in pure gold and crushed velvet?

“I don’t care how loaded a lady is, who wants to get caught in a rain storm wearing shoes worth 2,000 euros?” Aly Walansky, of, told YAHOO! Shine after checking out the pair online. We’d have to agree – these shoes would look better sitting in a display case than pounding the dirty pavement. We reached out to Alberto Moretti for a comment on his gold shoe creation, but had not heard back as of press time.

For those obsessed with all gold everything, like the rapper Trinidad James, heels and loafers aren’t your only options these days. How about the 24-karat gold Nike sneakers, or even a pair of $19,000 gold shoelaces? The price tag comes with absolutely no guarantee that you’ll jump higher or run faster, and they’re impossible to keep clean. But that insatiable urge to blow money on useless fashion items will be fulfilled. Whew!