Medically Reviewed by Dr. Rachel N. Verville

August 14, 2019

Plantar fasciitis friscoOne of the most common questions Dr. Verville receives from her patients who are experiencing plantar fasciitis is whether or not shoe inserts will help relieve their symptoms. But before we discuss shoe inserts and their effectiveness for plantar fasciitis, Dr. Verville wants her Frisco patients to know exactly what plantar fasciitis is and what causes it. Keep reading to learn more.

Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis occurs when excessive stress and pressure cause the connective tissue at the bottom of the foot (the plantar fascia) to stretch, tear, and become inflamed. When this happens, every single step can cause Frisco men and women to writhe in pain.

Some people are more vulnerable than others for plantar fasciitis. You might end up with this painful ailment if you are someone who:

  • Has flat feet or very high arches
  • Walks, stands, or runs on hard surfaces for long periods of time
  • Is severely overweight
  • Has tight Achilles tendons or calf muscles
  • Wears shoes that do not fit properly

Diagnosis of Plantar Fasciitis

When men and women in Frisco begin to experience swelling or stiffness in their ankle or another foot joint that lasts longer than two weeks, Dr. Verville recommends you make an appointment to visit her at RNV Podiatry for a complete examination.

During your appointment, Dr. Verville will be able to diagnosis the severity of your plantar fasciitis based on your physical exam and how you answer some diagnostic questions. To diagnosis plantar fasciitis, Dr. Verville will:

  • Determine where your pain is coming from
  • Find out how much tenderness and swelling you have in your foot
  • Test your ankle and foot reflexes
  • Determine the flexibility, alignment, and range of motion of your injured foot

How Shoe Inserts Can Help Plantar Fasciitis

Orthotic insoles can help relieve the pain and discomfort you experience from plantar fasciitis. Insoles are able to balance out the pressure that is put on the foot and minimize the stress and stretching of the plantar fascia when you are running, walking, or standing.

There are several different options when it comes to shoe inserts that alleviate pain caused by plantar fasciitis. For example, a shoe insert with good arch support will provide pronators with relief from pain. Or, if you are suffering more with heel pain, a shoe insert with a deep heel seat will absorb shock more effectively, which in turn relieves the pressure put on the soft tissues of the heel.

If off the rack shoe inserts aren’t cutting it for you, Dr. Verville might recommend custom-made orthotics. These are made to fit your foot and your foot only. This customized approach ensures that you will get relief from stress and pressure in all the right places.

However, it is important to remember that when it comes to determining which shoe inserts are best for your particular case of plantar fasciitis, Dr. Verville knows best, and you should follow her recommendation so that you can get on the road to recovery faster.

Get Back In Action

Dr. Verville can help you get back to your daily activities quickly by diagnosing and treating your plantar fasciitis. If she believes you can benefit from shoe inserts to relieve your pain she will provide you with tailored options for your specific case of plantar fasciitis.

Call her Frisco office today to book an appointment. You can reach her at (214) 385-8822.