Medically Reviewed by Dr. Rachel N. Verville

November 16, 2018

Plantar fasciitis friscoFor people into fitness and exercising, developing plantar fasciitis can be a big disappointment. Sometimes the symptoms can be worked through, but if the condition doesn’t get treated right away, it can slowly worsen. Preventing plantar fasciitis is possible by being conscious of the steps taken while exercising, stretching appropriately and improving biomechanics. People in Frisco can take small steps to remain healthy as they go about their daily routine. Here are some simple tips to consider for plantar fasciitis prevention.

Stretch Often

Stretching the legs is important before running or doing other exercises. However, focus on the feet as well. Calf stretches are typically good for stretching out the arches of the feet as well. Stretching routines like placing the middle of one foot on a street curb with the other on the flat surface can provide significant benefits. Just be sure to pay attention to any type of strain felt and don’t overdo the stretches.

Improve Biomechanics

Poor running techniques are major contributors to the development of plantar fasciitis. Dr. Verville always recommends the best running mechanics to Frisco patients to help lessen the strain on the feet, ankles and other parts of the body. This can include anything from investing in supportive footwear, landing on the middle of the foot instead of the heel, running on flat surfaces as much as possible and more. One thing to focus on when running is to lean forward slightly to keep the feet in line. This will help to land evenly with each step and reduce the impact put on the heels and ankles, which can prevent plantar fasciitis from developing.

Reduce Lower Body Tension when Possible

No matter if patients in Frisco are sitting, standing or doing any type of exercise, it’s important to reduce the amount of lower body tension as much as possible. Focus on relaxing the legs whenever possible, since tension in the legs can transfer to tension in the feet with certain movements. If this tension is prolonged, plantar fasciitis can slowly develop. And if any discomfort is felt while exercising, don’t try to push through it. Take it easy and relax for a little while to relieve some of the pressure and tension.

Enjoy Foot Massages

A quality foot massage can go a long way toward preventing plantar fasciitis. Getting a professional deep foot massage isn’t always necessary, though. Many people in Frisco give themselves a foot massage by rubbing their feet with their hands, or placing a small ball like a golf ball under their feet and rolling it on the ground. This simple movement can provide a significant amount of relief if any symptoms of plantar fasciitis are felt, and can also keep the feet stretched out and ready for exercise.

At RNV Podiatry, we want to help patients feel their best at all times. Plantar fasciitis is a legitimate concern for people who have an active lifestyle since the symptoms can slow them down. However, when you visit Dr. Verville, you’ll be on your feet in no time. And she will also provide some great recommendations on how to prevent plantar fasciitis from occurring so you’ll never have to alter your day.

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