Medically Reviewed by Dr. Rachel N. Verville

February 27, 2019

Plantar fasciitis friscoThe million dollar question every Frisco patient with plantar fasciitis asks is how they can get back to normal quickly. The truth is plantar fasciitis should go away on its own, but the length of time it takes for the feet to feel normal depends on the individual. Most people aren’t physically able to do intense exercising like they may be used to when they have plantar fasciitis, simply because the discomfort is too much. However, pushing through it in order to get an intense workout isn’t going to make the recovery process any quicker. Here are some important points patients can take into account when to expect their plantar fasciitis symptoms to subside.

Rest Will Speed Up Recovery

Ignoring plantar fasciitis and neglecting any treatments isn’t going to help the condition go away very quickly. Depending on the job Frisco people have to do every day, it may be difficult to rest the feet for an extended amount of time. However, elevating the feet during breaks and taking it easy at home will go a long way in easing the pressure and tension. Dr. Verville also suggests placing an ice pack on the heels and the arches of the feet for a few minutes and gently stretching them out to reduce tension as well. Intense exercising should be avoided when plantar fasciitis develops. The result should be a quicker recovery process the more rest patients give their feet.

How Long Can Symptoms Last?

It can be a challenge for even the best doctors to tell Frisco patients how long their symptoms of plantar fasciitis will last. The duration depends on various factors, including the severity of the symptoms, what the patient does for a living and what steps they will take to help alleviate the discomfort. Some patients will only experience symptoms for a couple of weeks, while others could experience them for several months. Patients who work with Dr. Verville tend to recover very quickly from plantar fasciitis.

Support the Feet Whenever Possible

In addition to resting the feet, patients can speed up the plantar fasciitis recovery process by supporting their feet. This can include investing in cushioned shoes that support the arch of the foot, not walking on hard surfaces, avoiding high heels and more. One unique aspect of plantar fasciitis is the symptoms aren’t easy to ignore, so it’s important to listen to the body and when a flare-up occurs, give the feet some extra support or rest.

RNV Podiatry helps Frisco patients alleviate their symptoms of plantar fasciitis as quickly as possible. We understand how the condition can alter a lifestyle, so Dr. Verville will conduct a thorough examination to determine the severity and recommend the best treatment options. The good news is rest is sometimes the most effective medicine for plantar fasciitis, so patients can take advantage of the opportunity to take a load off of their feet.

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