Medically Reviewed by Dr. Rachel N. Verville

April 21, 2015

One of the most common reasons Frisco foot surgery patients end up needing treatment is because of an injury or condition related to exercise.

Maybe you’re a jogger who ruptured an Achilles tendon. Or, you might have fractured your ankle playing basketball. It’s also possible that you’ve developed uncomfortable bunions, calluses, or corns, and you need foot surgery before you can return to physical activity. In any of these cases, you likely want to know how long your recovery will take.

What Type of Foot Surgery Will You Have?

The healing process will depend in part on the procedure your podiatrist conducts. For example:

  • You can expect foot surgery that involves bone to take between four and six weeks to heal. Bone needs time to strengthen, especially because of its role in stability and mobility, and so most podiatrists will recommend a lengthier recovery period.
  • Non-acute trauma or elective surgery, like bunions, may heal faster. Since these procedures are not as invasive, you may be back to normal activities more quickly than with bone surgery.

The specific amount of time your recovery takes will also depend on the severity of your condition. One foot fracture may not be as significant as another; similarly, one bunion may not require as much incising as another.

Frisco Foot Surgery Patients Have Different Tolerances

After a procedure, your foot will likely be numb for 8-12 hours due to the anesthetic block. This should help you manage pain in the short-term.

At RNV Podiatry, Dr. Verville usually provides anti-pain and anti-nausea medication for when the anesthetic block wears off. She also advises patients about ways to improve their comfort in recovery.

That said, every person has a different threshold for pain. Some find it easier to manage the recovery from foot surgery than others. As a result, you may need more time to heal before you’re back on your feet.

No matter how comfortable your body feels after foot surgery, plan to ease your way back into exercise. Dr. Verville often finds that patients return to physical activity too soon or at a higher intensity level than they should, causing improper healing and risking re-injury. Invest extra time now, give yourself the opportunity to grow stronger, and get back into your routine when you are truly ready.

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