Medically Reviewed by Dr. Rachel N. Verville

November 25, 2019

Achilles tendon friscoAs podiatrist Dr. Verville tells her local patients, you always need to wear proper, supportive shoes to promote good foot health and to have a healthy Achilles tendon. When it comes to finding shoes that properly support the feet, the type of shoe typically falls into two categories: fitness and fashion. Here’s an overview of why wearing the right shoes both when playing sports and running, or having a fun night out on the town, is important to prevent a common foot injury, Achilles tendonitis.

Finding the Right Fitness Shoes

If you’re an athlete, and especially if you’re a runner, Frisco foot doctor Dr. Verville recommends you invest in a good, high-quality shoe designed for your sport of choice. The reason is that when you are actively engaging your foot, including your Achilles tendon which stretches from your heel to the bottom of your calf muscle, you need to be in a shoe that will properly protect your feet from injury.

Achilles tendon injuries are common in athletes who don’t wear proper shoes. When engaging the foot in exercise or sports, especially running uphill or climbing up stairs, shoes that provide proper foot support are a must.

Not only should you go to a sports shoe store to be properly fitted for a shoe appropriate for your foot, but you also need to make sure you replace your sports shoes periodically, so you aren’t working out in worn out shoes. Podiatrists like Dr. Verville suggest that your sports shoes should:

  • Only have reasonable wear and tear and be replaced when they begin to wear out
  • Be properly fitted and laced up, which may mean using alternative lacing techniques
  • Provide adequate cushioning for your heel to protect the base of the Achilles tendon
  • Have firm support for the arch of your feet, and if needed, include additional arch support inserts

When you follow these tips, you reduce the risk of injuring your tendon from wearing improper sports shoes.

Finding The Right Shoes That Make a Fashion Statement

Too many Frisco women think that cute shoes only come in the form of stilettos. Unfortunately, high heels are very bad for the Achilles tendon. If you frequently wear high heels, you may experience changes in the tendon and surrounding muscles that actually cause you to be uncomfortable when you’re sans heels.

The simple fact of the matter is that it is possible to find cute footwear that is properly supportive of your feet – and don’t come with 4” heels. If you need a recommendation for a stylish footwear line that you can wear in the office and out on the town, ask Frisco podiatrist Dr. Verville for a recommendation.

Getting an Achilles Tendonitis Diagnosis

If you think your footwear choices have contributed to you developing a case of Achilles tendonitis, it’s important that you see Dr. Verville for an examination. Only she can diagnose you with the condition, and provide a personalized treatment plan for you to help rehab the injured tendon.

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Verville, call her Frisco podiatry practice, RNV Podiatry, today at (214) 385-8822.