Medically Reviewed by Dr. Rachel N. Verville

September 25, 2017

Ganglion cyst friscoFor many of our patients, finding out that they have a ganglion cyst can be quite shocking. On top of that, when they discover that ganglion cysts are actually tumors can be even more disconcerting. Naturally, the very first question our patients have is if their ganglion cyst is cancerous. In this blog post we’ll look at what they are and what the treatment options are for a ganglion cyst. Frisco patients that are suffering from any of the symptoms we describe below should contact Dr. Verville today at (214) 385-8822. In the meantime, our patients have written some incredible stories about their experience with Dr. Verville that you can check out on our Review page.

What is a Ganglion Cyst?

Frisco patients should first of all know that a ganglion cyst is a non-cancerous tumor. They are actually one of the most common benign soft tissue masses. A ganglion cyst is a sac filled with a fluid that resembles clear jelly. These cysts usually appear at a joint or on the covering of a tendon. They are more common in women and patients will most often get them between the ages of 20 and 40 years-old.

What Causes Ganglion Cysts?

When they appear on the feet, there are a few common causes for a ganglion cyst. Frisco patients that put a lot of stress, pressure, and weight on their feet or toes will often experience ganglion cysts.

  • Hammertoes – A hammertoe is a permanent bend in one of the joints of the toe. This can cause ganglion cysts as the joints experience pressure on them. Another similar cause are bunions which can rub on shoes.
  • Shoes – High-heels and other sorts of shoes that focus enormous pressure on certain parts of the feet can also cause ganglion cysts.
  • Socks – If you wear shoes without socks frequently this could also cause a ganglion cyst. Patients that do this will experience friction and pressure on certain parts of their feet where a sock might otherwise give them some protection.
  • Trauma – Another potential cause for a ganglion cyst might be trauma. For example, if you stub your toe or if your ankle is kicked during a soccer game, these areas would then be places to watch for a ganglion cyst.

Why Use Dr. Verville to Treat Your Ganglion Cyst

Frisco patients that do indeed have a ganglion cyst should almost certainly get it treated. First of all, you should be certain that it is, in fact, just a ganglion cyst and not something more serious. Second, as a podiatrist, Dr. Verville can make recommendations that will prevent the cyst from becoming larger and may even help reduce its size. Dr. Verville is one of the finest podiatrists in the state and has been practicing podiatry for over 10 years. She has also performed over 1,500 surgeries on feet and ankles. But on top of that, our patients absolutely love how kind, gentle, and compassionate she is.

If you’re hoping to get relief from your ganglion cyst and learn some powerful techniques to prevent another one from occurring, give us a call at our office in Frisco. Call (214) 385-8822.