Medically Reviewed by Dr. Rachel N. Verville

December 20, 2018

Stress fracture friscoPeople in Frisco who have experienced a stress fracture always ask Dr. Verville whether they are at risk of developing another one. The answer varies depending on many different factors, but there’s always a chance another one could happen. It’s not uncommon for people to experience multiple stress fractures in the same area. However, many times the second stress fracture could have been prevented by taking the necessary steps to protect the area. Here are some actions and activities that can lead to the development of another stress fracture.

Returning To Intense Exercising Too Quickly

A stress fracture typically takes a long time to develop and takes a significant time to heal as well. Too much intense exercising too quickly doesn’t give the body sufficient time to strengthen properly, which can lead to the increased chance of getting another stress fracture. The best thing people can do is listen to Dr. Verville’s suggestions and take it easy on the injured area for a while, and then gradually introduce low-intensity exercises to see how it feels and reacts.

Poor Nutrition

Bone-building and bone-strengthening foods should be consumed to give people a better chance of not developing another stress fracture. Dr. Verville will evaluate a patient’s daily calcium intake, as well as vitamin D and other nutrients. Weak bones can lead to multiple stress fractures, so getting in the habit of incorporating better nutritional practices can help keep the bones strong and prevent further stress fractures.

Wearing Improper Footwear

When people in Frisco develop a stress fracture, they should take the opportunity to evaluate their exercise routines, equipment, and other factors and adjust accordingly. An area that has developed a stress fracture before needs to be supported, so wearing the proper footwear can go a long way in protecting the area. Also, exercising on more forgiving surfaces and areas where the ground is flat will ensure the force distributed throughout the lower body is even and reduce the chances of slowly developing another stress fracture.

Not Addressing Biomechanical Issues

While some people in Frisco may develop a stress fracture because of poor bone density or other similar issues, many of them experience stress fractures because of biomechanical factors. Not having the proper running technique can create problems, but sometimes this is the most difficult technique to alter. The human body is unique and complex, so there’s isn’t truly a proper running style. Everyone’s body is built differently. Dr. Verville can help analyze a person’s body type and the areas where the most stress is created on the body in order to suggest alternate exercising techniques.

At RNV Podiatry, we not only want to help patients in Frisco quickly and thoroughly recover from a stress fracture, but we also want to ensure it never happens again. Dr. Verville will perform a thorough analysis of the stress fracture to determine the probable cause and provide suggestions on how to prevent further stress fractures from occurring. Most of the time it only takes minor steps to prevent further issues.

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