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July 17, 2017

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Anyone who lives with gout knows how frustrating it can be. A gout flare-up can immobilize you for hours or even days at a time, and you may even need crutches to get around during the most intense flare-ups.

While gout most commonly affects the big toe, it can sometimes affect other parts of the foot, too, even extending into the ankle. If you suffer from gout in your ankle, we recommend meeting with a podiatrist to discuss potential options for treatment and pain relief.

What is Gout?

You might be surprised to know that gout is a form of arthritis, and the pain is due to a buildup of uric acid, which is present in foods such as red meat, corn syrup, and alcohol.

Uric acid is usually filtered out by the kidneys and expelled from the body as urine. In the case of gout, uric acid builds in the body to form needle-shaped crystals. The crystals gather in your joints, most commonly in the big toe, contributing to significant discomfort.

What Are the Symptoms of Ankle Gout?

Often, ankle gout is misdiagnosed as cellulitis or a simple sprain. There are a few telltale symptoms that indicate the presence of gout, including:

  • Pain – While a sprained ankle may be tender, gout is usually extremely painful. Many patients find it difficult to even walk during a gout attack.
  • Stiffness – Many patients report that their ankle joint will become stiff when a gout attack occurs. It may start with a dull ache that turns into severe stiffness.
  • Color – Joints affected by gout will almost always be very red, often a very bright red.
  • Swelling – Of course, another symptom of gout is intense swelling at the joint.
  • Texture – The skin may turn shiny when gout is present.

Temperature – With gout, the ankle joint will be very warm to the touch.

Seek Treatment for Ankle Gout

It’s essential to seek medical attention from a skilled podiatrist for an accurate diagnosis and personalized treatment plan as soon as possible. Dr. Verville, who has over a decade of experience and has performed thousands of procedures, is an excellent option for those residing in Frisco and the surrounding Dallas Metro Area. With an impressive reputation for high levels of patient satisfaction, you can trust that you are in good hands.

Learn more about the effects and symptoms of foot gout from RNV Podiatry.

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