Texans love getting outside for some fresh air and outdoor activities. Whether you’re a daily runner, a weekend hobby or sports enthusiast, or just enjoy spending time outdoors, you’re most likely using your feet and your ankles to get around. But if you’ve started to experience any kind of pain in your ankles or feet, you may need a sports medicine podiatrist. Frisco residents who are suffering from bunions, corns, calluses, athlete’s foot, warts, ingrown toenails, foot gout, and more can also benefit from visiting Dr. Verville at RNV Podiatry.

Dr. Verville is unique in that she works hard to develop caring, understanding, and compassionate relationships with all of her patients.

How to Get Started

When you call us, you can expect to talk with one of our friendly and dedicated staff. We always love getting calls from new patients so make sure you contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

The next step is to get you into our offices to see Dr. Verville in person. This preliminary meeting is a crucial time for the doctor to meet you, learn about your medical history, and perform an examination.

From there, Dr. Verville will get to work developing a customized treatment plan that is built specifically for your unique medical needs. This treatment plan will take into account everything that you and Dr. Verville discussed at the initial meeting. The treatment plan will also guide Dr. Verville throughout the procedure and into your recovery.

What Is a Sports Medicine Podiatrist?

Frisco patients are often curious about what a podiatrist does. There is a huge range of medical specialties. Cardiologists specialize in the heart. Pediatricians specialize in treating children. Podiatrists, on the other hand, work on your feet and ankles.

But when it comes to injuries to your feet or ankles, that’s when you’ll need the skill of a sports medicine podiatrist. Frisco patients that have injuries from sports, from a fall, or just from years of everyday movements, can get specialized diagnosis and treatment from a sports medicine podiatrist.

What Type of Treatment Will I Get from a Sports Medicine Podiatrist?

Frisco patients often know what to expect when they go to see their regular doctor. But we often get asked about what types of procedures Dr. Verville performs to treat patients.

Of course, it all depends on the type of injury or issue that you’re having. But here are a few of the types of treatments that Dr. Verville uses.

  • Orthotics – Orthotics are firmer than shoe inserts and can be custom fit or custom made for you.
  • Physical therapy – In some cases, physical therapy may be necessary to treat your condition.
  • Surgery – Dr. Verville always attempts to treat her patients with non-invasive and non-surgical methods first. However, this is not always effective and in some cases, surgery may be required.

When to See a Sports Medicine Podiatrist

Patients should always call a sports medicine podiatrist at the first sign of trouble. We often get calls from patients that have an injury that they’ve been trying to handle by themselves for far too long. Waiting to go to your podiatrist because of foot, ankle, or leg pain will only allow the problem to get worse–and potentially even more costly to treat.