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A sprained ankle is one of the most common injuries to your foot and ankle. But all too often, patients think that a sprain is nothing to worry about, that it can be treated at home, and that their ankle will just recover on its own. However, this is not always the case with an ankle sprain. Little Elm patients risk life-long pain and reduced mobility by letting their sprained ankles just heal on their own without having a doctor take a look to see if there is deeper damage. If you’ve suffered a sprained ankle, even if it’s from something minor like going down the stairs too fast, or landing awkwardly on your foot, make sure that you call Dr. Verville today at (214) 285-8822.

If you’re suffering from a sprained ankle, arthritis, athlete’s foot, or any other pain in your knees, shins, feet, or hips, call her today at (214) 285-8822.

How to Get Started at RNV Podiatry

A podiatrist is a doctor that specializes in your feet and ankles.

If you’ve experienced an ankle sprain, Little Elm patients should call Dr. Verville at (214) 285-8822. When you call our offices, you’ll always get to talk with one of our friendly and well-trained staff. We love getting calls from our potential patients, and we’re more than happy to answer any questions you might have.

From there, the next step is for you to schedule a convenient time to come into our offices and meet with Dr. Verville. She’ll most likely talk with you about your lifestyle, how you got your injury, and learn more about your medical history. Dr. Verville will also perform an examination and may even do some imaging tests, such as an X-ray, to determine exactly how severe your injury is.

After that, Dr. Verville will develop a customized treatment plan that takes into account all of your concerns, your health, and the condition of your foot. This treatment plan is something that she likes to work with every patient in Little Elm to develop so that you get the best possible result. Call us today at (214) 285-8822.

What Is an Ankle Sprain?

Little Elm patients are often surprised to learn what an ankle sprain actually is and how severe it can be.

When you sprain your ankle, you are tearing and stretching the ligaments that help you stabilize the sideways mobility of your ankle. Many patients hear a pop when they sprain their ankle which is the sound of the ligament ripping apart.

After a sprain, your foot will probably hurt to stand on, there will most likely be swelling and even bruising, and your ankle may feel weaker since the ligaments that hold your ankle steady are damaged.

When to See a Podiatrist About Your Ankle Sprain

Little Elm patients often think that because they sprained their ankle doing something small like stepping out of their car or because it “doesn’t hurt that bad” that the damage must not be that severe. However, using a crutch or just limping through the pain can allow the injury to heal improperly which will cause life-long issues and may even lead to more harm. Make sure you call Dr. Verville if you experience any of these symptoms:

  • Discomfort, bruising, swelling.
  • Loss of range of motion.
  • Discomfort while walking or when putting weight on the foot.

Also, if you heard a “popping” when the injury happened, this should be a huge red flag that something is wrong and you need to call Dr. Verville today. Letting your sprained ankle heal on its own may seem easier right now but it’s not worth risking a lifetime of reduced mobility, less range of motion, and weakness in your joints.

Call Little Elm foot doctor, Dr. Verville today and get your ankle checked out by a doctor so you can continue to enjoy your favorite activities for years to come. Call today at (214) 285-8822.