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If you dance, you know the pain that comes with practice and performance. 15-20% of dance injuries involve the foot and the physical demands of dancing often require that you get back on your feet before you have fully recovered. Plano podiatrist Dr. Rachel Verville treats dancers for chronic injuries that can cost them their careers long before the curtain falls.

Common Injuries for Dancers

Unlike athletes, dancers do not have the benefit of protective footwear. Instead, many dancers wear soft shoes or heels that can raise the chances of injury. The repeated high impact without proper shoes to absorb shock from a hard surface inflicts chronic injuries that dancers find hard to recover from. The most common injuries that Plano dancers experience are:

Stress Fractures. Minute fractures from dancing on hard, unyielding surfaces. These grow worse over time and can eventually break.

Dancer’s Fracture. Injury on the outside part of the foot as a result of an awkward landing.

Ankle Impingement Syndrome. Tissue pinched by bone, causing pain when the foot is in certain positions.

Trigger Toe. Inability of the tendon to glide in its canal. The toe gets stuck in place rather than moving freely.

Plantar Fasciitis. Pain in tendon connecting heel to toes.

Achilles Tendon Injuries. Discomfort and pain in the tissue connecting calf muscles in the lower leg to heel bone. Re-injury can lead to a rupture that requires surgery.

Bunions. Bumps on the base of your big toe’s joint that develop due to tight shoes.

Many of these problems can be caught early and treated by a podiatrist to minimize the effects on your dancing.

Specialized Treatment for Dancers

Dr. Verville works closely with dancers to understand how their practice, performance, and lifestyle affect their feet and ankles. She then creates a personalized plan to promote full recovery, reduce the risk of future injuries, and support the return to dance with no permanent limitations. With a specialized focus on injury prevention through early intervention, Dr. Verville understands the unique challenges dancers face and helps patients optimize their foot and ankle health to keep them safely and comfortably doing what they love.

Through a combination of diagnostic, therapeutic, and rehabilitative approaches, dancers can feel confident that they are receiving comprehensive care to treat not just symptoms but causes of pain. Dr. Verville explains conditions and treatment in an easily understood manner, empowering patients to improve their health.

Treat Every Injury Seriously

Partnering with a podiatrist to establish proper foot care and exercises can prevent injury by strengthening feet and ankles. During a consultation, Dr. Verville will evaluate the impact that dancing has on your feet and ankles. For a better perspective on the exact problem, she requests that you bring footwear to the exam to find out what can be improved.

If you’re a dancer, schedule your appointment with Dr. Verville at (214) 385-8822 today to ensure no missed curtain calls.