Rachel W.

After dealing with pain in my toes for about a month or so, I went to see Dr. Verville. I had never seen a podiatrist before, so I was a little nervous. The office is nice and I didn’t have to wait in the waiting room at all. Once I checked in, they took me back to the examination room (I was even a little early for my appointment). Dr. Verville was so nice and explained how I had ingrown toenails (I had a feeling that was the issue). She gave me a few options how I could handle it (one of the options was to cut out the ingrown toenail). She said she could take care of it right then (no need to make a second appointment), so that is what I decided. She was great at making conversation while she was cutting on my toes (to help distract me from the fact she was cutting around my toes). Honestly, the only thing I felt was the needle to numb my toes. I couldn’t feel a thing during the surgery. She was clear on what I needed to do post-surgery to keep them from getting infected, and the follow up appointment two weeks later went great. My toes are now pain free! I recommend going to Dr. Verville for any foot related issues!