Pain. Discomfort. Unsightly growths. If you are suffering from a medical condition in the area of your foot or ankle, it may be time to see a podiatrist. Patients rely on treatment from Dr. Rachel Verville for a variety of reasons, including her skill and experience. However, there are other qualities that distinguish Dr. Verville. Learn more, and then get in touch with RNV Podiatry for an appointment.

Working with a Female Podiatrist in Frisco

One of the most important aspects of treating any ailment is the openness of the patient to discussing the problems they are having. Doctors use this information to understand the environment and the behavior that may be causing maladies; for a podiatrist, knowing when and how a patient experiences pain can make the difference between a simple diagnosis and a diagnosis of a more complicated medical condition.

Unfortunately, many patients find foot and ankle conditions difficult to discuss. Concerns like athlete’s foot and toenail fungus tend to cause patients embarrassment. Unfortunately, delaying treatment because of these feelings or not fully disclosing what is happening to the podiatrist can make the problem even worse.

As a Frisco foot doctor and a woman, many patients feel more comfortable talking with Dr. Verville about these types of issues. Her sympathetic and professional approach helps people fully disclose what’s going on and allows her to treat them effectively.

Modern Techniques and Advanced Training

As with any field of medicine, podiatry continues to evolve. The podiatrist that you choose for treatment should have impressive experience and should continue to expand on this knowledge. A podiatrist who relies on techniques that were medical standards twenty years ago may not serve you well today.

Patients who see Dr. Verville benefit from proven and innovative treatment plans. She stays up-to-date on the latest technology and medical findings, including arthroscopic and surgical techniques and wound medication for diabetic patients. Her commitment to continuing education ensures that you receive the treatment you require.

Practice Size

An important consideration when choosing a podiatrist is the care you can expect to receive. Large medical practices may have a certain level of bureaucracy that can make it hard to schedule an appointment, delay a response from the medical team or doctor, or prevent you from forming an actual relationship with your provider.

Dr. Verville established RNV Podiatry as a small practice in part because it allows her to offer personal attention to each patient. With her as your podiatrist, you can expect that she will take the time to understand your needs, be knowledgeable about your past and future treatment, and maintain effective communication should you have questions or concerns.

If you are exploring podiatrists in Frisco and would like to learn more about Dr. Verville’s work, call (214) 385-8822 or visit our website to schedule an appointment.