Stress Fracture

Nobody likes the idea of a broken bone. Not only do they hurt, but they can also limit your mobility. And with nearly 25% of your bones located in your foot, a stress fracture in your foot can make it painful or downright impossible for you to walk! Who wants that? Knowledge is power when it comes to preventing…(more)

Your feet not only support the weight of your entire body, but they also have nearly 25% of your body’s bones in them. No wonder proper care of your feet and ankles is so important! Many Frisco residents are at high risk for developing a stress fracture in the foot, either due to their athleticism and high activity level,…(more)

One of the worst things that any athlete or runner wants to hear is that they have a stress fracture. Frisco patients that love getting outside will often experience a stress fracture after prolonged periods of activity or when they try to push themselves further. One of the most difficult things for active people, when it comes to a…(more)